About Me

I'm  Jennifer and I originally started this blog because I loved to write about decluttering and organizing.  Since then I got married and now have a baby girl.  I still love to think and strategize about minimizing and will write about it when I feel inspired.  More often though you might find whatever I am up to at them moment on here.

I have been married to my wonderfully patient husband G since 2007.  We live in Houston, TX but he is from Puerto Rico and I am from North Carolina.  I love to cook and bake, especially when I can try to be creative.  We are very involved at church and love serving Jesus in many ways.  I used to teach a Bible study called Hannah's Hope for women who have experienced miscarriage or infertility.  We struggled to start a family and have been through several miscarriages.  God led us through that journey and we knew that there was a reason for it all.  We are so blessed to finally have our sweet Carolina.

Thank you for visiting my little blog!


jesperhoney said...

I have just found you as i was browsing to find tips on how to stpo buying stuff which i have so much of and use what i have...namely clothes and make up....dont know where ot start it blows my mind away...my closet is really a whole mess!!!

The Closet Therapist said...

Hi Jesperhoney-Thanks for your comment. You are definitely not alone. I like to start with the easy things first and build on that. It probably won't happen in one day, but if you are always keeping it in mind, you'll be surprised what you can accomplish.

Let me know how it goes!


Mark R said...

Hi Jennifer

A blast from your past. Mark from Coates Field Service. I love your blog. I have checked it from time to time but never commented. Married for 7 years....you go girl! Hope you are happy and healthy! Keep blogging, you are good at it!

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