Friday, August 04, 2017

Friday Favorites // August 4, 2017

friday favorites

I'm linking up again with ErikaAndrea and Narci for the Friday Favorites!  I love reading everyone's favorites too!

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This sippy cup is so good.  One day I took a drink out of Carolina's plastic sippy cup to see if it was cold and I couldn't believe how bad the water tasted!  My kids have been drinking nasty plastic flavored water their whole lives.  This one keeps the ice cubes in there forever and the water cold.  The only problem is that this one is pretty small.  Definitely get the next size up.  I'm waiting for a sale to buy another one for Nico and probably for myself too because they don't leak when I throw them in my purse.

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The Nordstrom Anniversary sale has officially gotten on my nerves.  I should say I have gotten on my own nerves.  The website and shopping experience was so glitchy that I ordered multiple sizes and colors of things instead of being able to try them on in the store.  I have been to the store several times and it just seems like the salespeople are fed up too.  I love Nordstrom but I think that this sale makes everyone stressed out.  We act as if it's the only time we shop the whole entire year.  Last call! Prices go up!  Fire sale!  I mean, I think some perspective is needed.  

{ 3 }

It's almost back to school.  This is going to be the shortest summer in history for me.  My baby is going to kindergarten and I can't even take it!  And my baby baby Nico is going to be in school 2 days a week.  I don't even want him to go.  Boo hoo!!

Carolina went to a birthday party where they put makeup on her.  That was the first time she wore makeup and she made sure you could see that blue eyeshadow!

{ 4 }

Around here, I have been shredding things, selling things and cleaning things out! This is the picture of the office.  I finally went through so many files.  

Yesterday, was books.  What is up with all these books I haven't read?  I mean, it's time to read them or let them go.  I like to keep books I love but it was time for me to be realistic about what I will read again.  

{ 5 }

This candle is so amazing.  They are even better than Voluspa or Capri candles.  I got the lavender but there were other amazing scents too.  Check out the website.   The girls also post designer handbags for sale that were donated to them.  There are some great deals on there! 

The candles are made by teenage girls rescued from sex trafficking so you are doing good in the world by buying them.   Houston is a major hub for sex trafficking and many of the girls are underage. This organization gives them jobs and confidence to find another job eventually.

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