Thursday, July 06, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary 2017 Top Picks

This is my favorite sale of the year!!!  I'm a total fall lover and even though it doesn't even begin to reach cooler temperatures until November, I like to live in optimistic anticipation knowing that it is coming.  Fall is just so thrilling with back to school supplies, plaid and the feeling of a fresh start.  

I went through the catalog and here are my favorites for now.  There's always more that isn't in the catalog.  Also, I usually end up doing lots of switcheroos because I see someone else's picks or just don't like mine.

This Halogen pant is an updated leg style and I like it because it's a nice change from jeans all. the. time.  I need to see the colors before I decide which one I'll choose.


This shirt appeals to me just because it says French, but I'm not sure the message it's sending will be appropriate for me.  So cute though!

I have one of the knock off Madewell transport totes from Nordstrom that I have used as a diaper bag and carryall for a couple of years.  I just ordered a crossbody from Madewell so I probably won't splurge on this, but I do love the stripe.  

I am going to compare this one to the Barefoot Dreams one and see which one I like the best.  The pockets are a big sell for me.

I got the Vince Camuto booties that are similar to this last year and if you are on the fence, just do it!  They are so versatile and can be worn while it's still hot!  I was wearing mine well into spring too.  

I've been waiting to get some of the frayed hem jeans and there are several options, but I'm going to start with this.  I don't have any Caslon jeans.  I usually wear AGs so we'll see how they compare.  They basically need to feel like pajamas for me to keep them.

I got my white Converse all stars recently but these were so cute.  I ordered these first and then returned them so Carolina and i could match.  I wear mine all the time.

I usually get a pair of workout Zella leggings in the sale and they are honestly the only ones I want to wear every time.  These aren't my favorite pattern but I'm going to see if they offer more online.

One thing that is a must buy for me is a new bra.  I've been wearing a nursing bra for years, the same one.  It's dreadful and belongs in the garbage.  

I like this one because it doesn't have wires and I'm still nursing.

These are a few other options that I will try.  I also always get a few Natori panties because they are the best.  

This is the Barefoot Dreams one.  I'm not sure about the hood and maybe they'll offer more selection online.  I think they usually do.

I definitely need some new pajamas.  These have mixed reviews so we'll see.

I've really been wanting to try some Charlotte Tilbury because I hear such good things about it.  You know I'm trying to reduce makeup so it will have to be something I'm totally going to love and use up.

This is interesting.  I could use some facial toning and I'm willing to see if it works!  It has pretty good reviews.

That's all for now!  What are your picks for the anniversary sale?  I love to see what stands out to other people that I didn't even notice.  

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