Friday, July 07, 2017

Friday Favorites // July 7, 2017

friday favorites

I'm linking up again with ErikaAndrea and Narci for the Friday Favorites!  I love reading everyone's favorites too!

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I actually finished a book!  It never happens unless I listen to it on audiobook which I do quite often.  I am an infrequent watcher of the Fixer Upper show but this book made me fall head over heels for Chip and Joanna.  They have such a sweet story and they are so honest in their book about their struggles and their faith.  It's a fast read and definitely worth it!

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Big news here!  Carolina got her hair cut off!  She has never wanted a hair cut because she thought it would hurt.  We didn't tell her we were taking her to get a haircut just in case any meltdowns or drama ensued but we needn't have worried.  She was very bravely watching Frozen while the very nice lady cut her hair off.  I, on the other hand, was literally about to cry.  Five years worth of hair that I have loved!  We are donating it to Locks of Love.  

She absolutely turned into a total diva with this haircut.  She grabs my brush and looks in the mirror and asks me if her hair looks ok.  Before, we were lucky to brush it at all.  As soon as I grabbed the brush she would run away.  This is a huge improvement in our life and it's so much healthier now!

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Confession:  I'm obsessed with Daisy Faye Designs and in Rifle Paper Co. in general.  Here's a screenshot of her website.  She has promotions sometimes if you follow on instagram.  

I'm really getting into buying from small companies.  They are going to put their heart into the product.  They are truly special pieces and I think buying things that cost a little more puts things in perspective.  We don't need so many things that don't cost much.  I haven't bought anything yet for that very reason.  I have to make sure to get the one I'll use the most.

Do you buy from small businesses?  Who are your favorites?

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I am hoping to get one of the Alice + Ames dresses for Carolina this morning.  I have been looking at these simple but stunning dresses that seem to capture childhood so well.  I want her to have the thrill of a twirly dress.  What little girl doesn't love that?

{ 5 }

We went to Galveston last weekend and stayed at Moody Gardens Hotel.  We just wanted to hang out at the pool and let the kids play in the fake beach area.  It was a total win!  When you stay at the hotel you get access to their Palm Beach area which is like a mini water park for small children.  They have a wave pool, lazy river, slides and splash pads.  

The hotel room was a surprise though.  It felt like I was walking onto the set of Mad Men.  I absolutely loved it.  Just check out this couch that Nico crashed on after swimming all morning.

I could go on and on with this favorites post.  Summer has been jam packed so far but Nico is screaming and I have to go get ready because I have a hair appointment.  So excited!

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