Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites July 14, 2017

friday favorites

I'm linking up again with ErikaAndrea and Narci for the Friday Favorites!  I love reading everyone's favorites too!

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The girls of The Home Edit instagram stories feed crack me up every day.  I love their organizing, but  on stories they have the quirkiest personalities and I love me some quirky girls! The regular feed is full of beautiful pantries and closets, but the stories is more of their personal life and behind the scenes banter.  

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Playing salon with Carolina is something she started wanting to do since she had her haircut.  Is it not the most relaxing thing for someone to brush your hair?  She also loves to clean out my brushes which I'm happy to let her do!  

I got this idea from the Daily Connoisseur, who I've been reading for years and now she has books published and a youtube channel.  She mentioned it in one of her recent videos.  If you haven't read her blog or her books, check them out!  I love her original book about her experience as an exchange student in France.  It was transformational indeed for her to have created a successful career around telling others about it.  Thanks for the idea. Jennifer!

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I got my hair cut and highlighted.  I was aiming for a similar haircut to Carolina because I'm all about twinning with her while she still likes it.  Mine is a bit more adult than hers, a modern bob.  It turned out a wee bit too orange for me but I'm blue shampooing all the time trying to tone it down.  

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Operation Zero Inbox is in session.  Who else has so many emails and doesn't take the time to go through and delete them.  I spent a few hours looking through, unsubscribing and going down rabbit trails.  I want a decluttered inbox!!  

What do you do to help you?  I have used mailstrom and also to help tame the junk mail and subscriptions.

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Oh my goodness, this stuff is my afternoon caffeine splurge.  I really love it and it's probably keeping me going right now at 12:22 am!  I probably shouldn't drink it in the afternoon actually.  Whoops!

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Jess said...

I was just thinking that I seriously need to unsubscribe from a few emails that I'm always disappointed to see in my inbox! ("Ugh, Pocket AGAIN?" Like why am I surprised to get daily emails every day?)

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