Friday, July 14, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Try On Session

I BRAVED the Nordstrom sale yesterday with two kids in a very large stroller.  I wish I could say it was a fun experience but it was extremely frustrating.  Next year, I will have a personal stylist!  

Besides that, it was fun to see things in person and I found things that I wouldn't have noticed online.

My #1 favorite find of the day is these pants.  I picked a 29R and they fit perfectly however they stretched out considerably so I ordered a smaller size.  I am 5'2" and I loved the petite length.  They are selling out fast though.

I'm wearing the Caslon t-shirt in white here.

This is a cute plaid top by Bobeau that has a longer back so you can wear it with leggings too.  On the website it's says cold shoulder but it doesn't have any shoulder cutouts.

I also loved this shirt.  The color is the prettiest blue and I also liked the other colors.

These towels are so cute and a pretty good price.

This hoodie is so soft and comfy and I love the back ruffle!

This t-shirt is so cute.  I'm wearing a large here but I ordered a medium.  I'm on the fence about it.

These are the Halogen pants and for me they are a big no.

These are KUT from the kloth.  They fit me ok but I felt like they were a little too short.

I spotted these in the store and they are super cute.  If I hadn't just bought some Converse, I might have got them.

That's all for now!  I tried on some more things but my battery was almost dead and I didn't get to take pictures.

What's your take on the sale this year?

Friday Favorites July 14, 2017

friday favorites

I'm linking up again with ErikaAndrea and Narci for the Friday Favorites!  I love reading everyone's favorites too!

{ 1 }

The girls of The Home Edit instagram stories feed crack me up every day.  I love their organizing, but  on stories they have the quirkiest personalities and I love me some quirky girls! The regular feed is full of beautiful pantries and closets, but the stories is more of their personal life and behind the scenes banter.  

{ 2 }

Playing salon with Carolina is something she started wanting to do since she had her haircut.  Is it not the most relaxing thing for someone to brush your hair?  She also loves to clean out my brushes which I'm happy to let her do!  

I got this idea from the Daily Connoisseur, who I've been reading for years and now she has books published and a youtube channel.  She mentioned it in one of her recent videos.  If you haven't read her blog or her books, check them out!  I love her original book about her experience as an exchange student in France.  It was transformational indeed for her to have created a successful career around telling others about it.  Thanks for the idea. Jennifer!

{ 3 }

I got my hair cut and highlighted.  I was aiming for a similar haircut to Carolina because I'm all about twinning with her while she still likes it.  Mine is a bit more adult than hers, a modern bob.  It turned out a wee bit too orange for me but I'm blue shampooing all the time trying to tone it down.  

{ 4 }

Operation Zero Inbox is in session.  Who else has so many emails and doesn't take the time to go through and delete them.  I spent a few hours looking through, unsubscribing and going down rabbit trails.  I want a decluttered inbox!!  

What do you do to help you?  I have used mailstrom and also to help tame the junk mail and subscriptions.

{ 5 }

Oh my goodness, this stuff is my afternoon caffeine splurge.  I really love it and it's probably keeping me going right now at 12:22 am!  I probably shouldn't drink it in the afternoon actually.  Whoops!

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Meal Prepping for Monday

I have been salivating over meal prep pictures on Pinterest forever so I finally took the plunge and ordered some of these containers from Amazon.  That was the easy part!  

I decided to do our first week with grilled chicken salads.  I made four for me and three for Gustavo to take to work.  Doing this made me feel like such an organization winner and that's a pretty good feeling when you feel like an organization failure sometimes.  

Preparing these lunches ahead of time helps me just grab something and eat quickly so I can feed the kids and do other things.  It also helps me eat healthy instead of grabbing a muffin or granola bar because it's the first thing I see.

Gustavo grilled the chicken and the rest is romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes from the farmer's market, boiled egg, cucumbers, cilantro, croutons in a cupcake liner, red pepper and a snack pack of almonds from Trader Joes.

I added some dressing and gobbled it down today.  Delicious!  I'm looking forward to my to go lunch the rest of the week too.

Check out the meal prep eye candy from Pinterest.  Most of the recipes I like are from Damn Delicious and I make her recipes all the time.  They are always good and always easy.  I love her and she has a cute corgi too!  

Just a note, that without the croutons these would be Paleo or Whole 30 approved.  Do you do meal prep?  What are your favorite ways to get your food organized for the week?

Friday, July 07, 2017

Friday Favorites // July 7, 2017

friday favorites

I'm linking up again with ErikaAndrea and Narci for the Friday Favorites!  I love reading everyone's favorites too!

{ 1 }

I actually finished a book!  It never happens unless I listen to it on audiobook which I do quite often.  I am an infrequent watcher of the Fixer Upper show but this book made me fall head over heels for Chip and Joanna.  They have such a sweet story and they are so honest in their book about their struggles and their faith.  It's a fast read and definitely worth it!

{ 2 }

Big news here!  Carolina got her hair cut off!  She has never wanted a hair cut because she thought it would hurt.  We didn't tell her we were taking her to get a haircut just in case any meltdowns or drama ensued but we needn't have worried.  She was very bravely watching Frozen while the very nice lady cut her hair off.  I, on the other hand, was literally about to cry.  Five years worth of hair that I have loved!  We are donating it to Locks of Love.  

She absolutely turned into a total diva with this haircut.  She grabs my brush and looks in the mirror and asks me if her hair looks ok.  Before, we were lucky to brush it at all.  As soon as I grabbed the brush she would run away.  This is a huge improvement in our life and it's so much healthier now!

{ 3 }

Confession:  I'm obsessed with Daisy Faye Designs and in Rifle Paper Co. in general.  Here's a screenshot of her website.  She has promotions sometimes if you follow on instagram.  

I'm really getting into buying from small companies.  They are going to put their heart into the product.  They are truly special pieces and I think buying things that cost a little more puts things in perspective.  We don't need so many things that don't cost much.  I haven't bought anything yet for that very reason.  I have to make sure to get the one I'll use the most.

Do you buy from small businesses?  Who are your favorites?

{ 4 }

I am hoping to get one of the Alice + Ames dresses for Carolina this morning.  I have been looking at these simple but stunning dresses that seem to capture childhood so well.  I want her to have the thrill of a twirly dress.  What little girl doesn't love that?

{ 5 }

We went to Galveston last weekend and stayed at Moody Gardens Hotel.  We just wanted to hang out at the pool and let the kids play in the fake beach area.  It was a total win!  When you stay at the hotel you get access to their Palm Beach area which is like a mini water park for small children.  They have a wave pool, lazy river, slides and splash pads.  

The hotel room was a surprise though.  It felt like I was walking onto the set of Mad Men.  I absolutely loved it.  Just check out this couch that Nico crashed on after swimming all morning.

I could go on and on with this favorites post.  Summer has been jam packed so far but Nico is screaming and I have to go get ready because I have a hair appointment.  So excited!

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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary 2017 Top Picks

This is my favorite sale of the year!!!  I'm a total fall lover and even though it doesn't even begin to reach cooler temperatures until November, I like to live in optimistic anticipation knowing that it is coming.  Fall is just so thrilling with back to school supplies, plaid and the feeling of a fresh start.  

I went through the catalog and here are my favorites for now.  There's always more that isn't in the catalog.  Also, I usually end up doing lots of switcheroos because I see someone else's picks or just don't like mine.

This Halogen pant is an updated leg style and I like it because it's a nice change from jeans all. the. time.  I need to see the colors before I decide which one I'll choose.


This shirt appeals to me just because it says French, but I'm not sure the message it's sending will be appropriate for me.  So cute though!

I have one of the knock off Madewell transport totes from Nordstrom that I have used as a diaper bag and carryall for a couple of years.  I just ordered a crossbody from Madewell so I probably won't splurge on this, but I do love the stripe.  

I am going to compare this one to the Barefoot Dreams one and see which one I like the best.  The pockets are a big sell for me.

I got the Vince Camuto booties that are similar to this last year and if you are on the fence, just do it!  They are so versatile and can be worn while it's still hot!  I was wearing mine well into spring too.  

I've been waiting to get some of the frayed hem jeans and there are several options, but I'm going to start with this.  I don't have any Caslon jeans.  I usually wear AGs so we'll see how they compare.  They basically need to feel like pajamas for me to keep them.

I got my white Converse all stars recently but these were so cute.  I ordered these first and then returned them so Carolina and i could match.  I wear mine all the time.

I usually get a pair of workout Zella leggings in the sale and they are honestly the only ones I want to wear every time.  These aren't my favorite pattern but I'm going to see if they offer more online.

One thing that is a must buy for me is a new bra.  I've been wearing a nursing bra for years, the same one.  It's dreadful and belongs in the garbage.  

I like this one because it doesn't have wires and I'm still nursing.

These are a few other options that I will try.  I also always get a few Natori panties because they are the best.  

This is the Barefoot Dreams one.  I'm not sure about the hood and maybe they'll offer more selection online.  I think they usually do.

I definitely need some new pajamas.  These have mixed reviews so we'll see.

I've really been wanting to try some Charlotte Tilbury because I hear such good things about it.  You know I'm trying to reduce makeup so it will have to be something I'm totally going to love and use up.

This is interesting.  I could use some facial toning and I'm willing to see if it works!  It has pretty good reviews.

That's all for now!  What are your picks for the anniversary sale?  I love to see what stands out to other people that I didn't even notice.  

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