Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Vanity Sizing // Mother and Daughter

Do you know about vanity sizing?  It's that tricky little way that clothing sellers will change the clothing sizes so that we think we are wearing smaller clothes.


We feel thinner and happier and buy more!

Check out these shorts that I saved from my Mom's clothes.  They are a size 11/12 and compared with my size 27 which is equivalent to a size 4.

They are teeny tiny!  They are also very high waisted and I think Madewell would approve of this design.  I do not approve and won't be wearing these any time soon!  Even if they did fit me, which they do not.  

When I got out of college I worked at Ann Taylor on the weekends to get a discount on clothes to wear at my real job.  I literally witnessed vanity sizing happen.  My body didn't change but the clothing sizes did.  I went from wearing a 6 to a 2 in a short period of time.  I don't think my body changed 2 sizes!  Nope.  It was vanity sizing at it's work.

Don't you ever wonder why we have a 0 size and a 00 and a 000?  I mean, what is that?  It's like were all wanting to disappear.  Goodness, that could lead into a whole other rabbit trail.

How do you feel about vanity sizing?  Did you know it existed?  Is this the first time you are hearing of it?  Does size matter?

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