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Friday Favorites // June 9, 2017

friday favorites

I'm linking up again with ErikaAndrea and Narci for the Friday Favorites! My favorites this week include my sweet kids and a bit of skin care shopping!

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Carolina had her last day of preschool ever.  I literally cried several times that last day.  It's just the end of an era that has been so precious to me.  Watching her and Nico grow up is the joy of my life.
Just for kicks I put in last years picture too when she was in three year preschool! It's shocking how much she changes from the beginning to the end of the year.

Onward to kindergarten in two short months!

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Carolina, Nico and I love to ride the bike over to the community herb garden.  There is also a splash pad and a playground there which doesn't hurt.  We love to pick some fresh herbs for dinner.  I always feel so blessed at the abundance and beauty of the garden.

It's also a great place to meet a friend and talking about blogging.  Thank you Christine for snapping these photos when I didn't know it!  Go visit her blog too at Coffee with Christine.

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Since I've been Project 10 Panning lots of things lately, I've been looking into some new skincare.  I placed an order from The Ordinary today and I'm excited to try their products.  They are so crazy cheap that I'm slightly skeptical but I hear great reviews.  

I ordered the Advanced Retinoid, the Rose Hip Oil and the Metrixyl.  I spent a ton of time reading the descriptions trying to figure out what I needed.  It's very science-y but I'll keep you posted how I like them.  My skin has been going through so many changes and I need something to help with dryness, some hormonal acne and it seems like I'm becoming more and 
more sensitive if not rosacea prone.  Some things just inflame my skin so quickly.

Has anyone tried this line?

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