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Friday Favorites // June 23, 2017

friday favorites

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Well Friday was my birthday!  I am not one to make a big deal about it usually, but as I get older I am realizing what a gift it is to be able to celebrate getting another year older.  I may or may not have had a meltdown at the end of the day because nobody sang me happy birthday and Carolina didn't even say it either.  I blamed Gustavo and he faced the disappointment tears.  We resolved to make it up over the weekend.  I have resolved to celebrate my birthday every year from now on.

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Before I wrote #1 and you felt sorry for me,  I should have started the post with what we've been doing the last week.  We went to a family camp in Glorieta, New Mexico and it was so amazing!  It was so full of fun activities, great food and childcare any time we wanted it, ya'll.  They had a bunch of summer staff college students who played with the kids and loved on them all day long.  It was unlike any vacation we've ever taken.  We highly recommend it!  I want to write a post about Glorieta  because there is so much to tell.

Just look at this view up on the ski basin of Santa Fe.  

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Almost the same but a little different, we went the weekend before camp to stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We drove 15 hours straight through and here we are just arrived at the restaurant.  Mommy had a prickly pear margarita which I drank about an inch down before I was drunk.  It's the elevation!

We rented a condo through Home Away and it really was like staying at a friend's house. This is the one we rented.  It was so nice to be in a condo instead of a noisy hotel.  The kids slept really well and so did we.  Having a washer and dryer was a bonus, plus the previous guests would leave different things that we used, like coffee.

While we were there, we celebrated Father's Day.  Here is Carolina with her portrait of Papa.  I also interviewed her some questions about Gustavo.

{ 4 } 

On the way back we stayed in Ft. Worth and just had to have a gander at the Anthropologie tag sale.  I didn't see anything I liked but on my way around the store I spotted these.

Really?  No, just no.  I'm begging that stirrup pants are not back in style.  I just can't even deal with that.

That's all for now!  I'm posting late because Glorieta doesn't like us to have free wifi.  Imagine that, unplugging and spending time with the family.  More on that later!


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