Monday, June 19, 2017

Carolina's Fifth Birthday

We have been busy celebrating someone's much anticipated birthday around here!  Carolina has been longing for five since her classmates started turning five throughout the school year.  For some reason at this age they like to rub it in each other's faces.  That sure does turn around sometime in the late 20's!

This is a little video of Carolina in the kitchen helping prepare the cookies that were her party favor.  She loves to help me and is always pulling up her little chair to the counter.  Nico does it too and sometimes I have a lot of "help"!

I made these little cards that say "Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons".  It describes Carolina because she is definitely her own little independent person.  We had a very loose theme of flamingos which was based on a combination of things.  One, we saw a car with flamingos all over it and she went crazy for it and said that was going to be her car when she gets older.  Two, when I walked into the dollar tree, they had flamingo stuff.  Win-win, I say.

I have a tradition of making her own little cake.  I've made this style before and I need to learn some new decorating tricks!  It turned out pretty but I really wanted some glitter sprinkles on it.  If Hobby Lobby didn't want to charge 7.00 for the tiniest little vial of them, it would have!

We had the party at the splash pad which is always fun on a hot day.  It's also easier on us because no kids destroying the house.  Yay for the parents!

Carolina is so adorable here in her little braids and hat!  She loved having people sing Happy Birthday and she gets it twice because after english we sing in spanish!  What a lucky little girl!

Sweet little friends make parties so special!  We are so blessed to have friends and family to share these birthdays with each year!

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