Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nico's Travel Themed Nursery

Well if this isn't an embarrassingly late post, here's the nursery of my almost 21 month old little boy!  Regardless of that, I am thrilled to show off his little love-injected space.  Nurseries are always full of sentiment for us, little bits of love that I've accumulated through my life and that are so cool to repurpose for a nursery.  

Let me show you around!  That cuckoo clock was my parents'.  They got it when they lived in Germany, where I was born.  The tin, round photo is a picture of my parents that they had made in Turkey.  The other items on the gallery wall are a map of Puerto Rico, song lyrics for Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, a quote from Jim Eliot and a drawing that our nephew drew when he lived with us 7 years ago.

The hot air balloons were made by a friend for my shower and I love them.  The frame was made by Gustavo from old slats off a bed that was my great aunt and uncles bed they gave me in college.  

We made the nursery with a travel and mission minded theme.  I fretted and cried putting it together as I whispered to my belly to never actually leave me in spite of what it looked like that is what I was suggesting to him.  

That little leather jacket!

These shelves are full of little meaningful quotes and items too, everything from a UNC football my Nanny gave Carolina to the monkey that Gustavo made for me our first Christmas together.  Theres a book about Puerto Rico and some quilts my friend Nancy gave me that were her son's.

Everything has a story and I could go on and on.  Thank you for taking a tour of the nursery with me!  It was really such a blessing to create something for our sweet Nico!

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