Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Haircut

Why is it so hard to cut long hair, especially when it's a perfectly renewable resource?  Why is it so loaded with feelings and potential regret?  Why is long hair supposed to be young and short hair means you are getting old?

I said phooey on all of that and took the plunge.  I had been cutting 3-5 inches for the last couple haircuts but I needed a change.  All the stresses of a helicopter mama deciding the future of her firstborn kindergartener got to me.  I also got it considerably blonder.

I love it!  I love that I was brave enough to do it, even though that seems completely ridiculous to say.  It's only hair, but the truth is that your hair makes a big difference in the way you feel and how you get ready for the day.  My hair was always in a ponytail and it wasn't even the cutest ponytail.

Now I am forced to fix my hair.  Ok, that's not always a good thing.  Now I am forced to fix my hair.

What else can I be brave enough to do?

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