Thursday, May 25, 2017

Join Me in An Experiment in Minimizing Makeup

Every once in a while I'll need a good escape to youtube videos and I'll find some "project pan" videos.  Why is this a thing and why is it fun to watch, I really don't know.   In spite of it, I'm in!

Join me in using up some makeup and declutter some drawers.

Ok, this isn't my first time doing a Project Pan Challenge.   I remember when these first started.  The girl who started it doesn't even do youtube makeup videos anymore, but she sure did make her mark.   I really think this trend has done it's good work in the youtube and makeup lovers community.  The turn-around in mind-set from the obsessive collecting and not using makeup did a 180 to wanting to use things up and get the value out of money spent  Thumbs up to a good change of philosophy!

In the years since I did a Project 10 Pan before (read about it here), I have used up many things and even though I don't add too much to the mix, it still seems to dwindle slowly.   It takes forever to use up an eyeshadow or blush!  I really love the concept of Project Pan because it makes you make a decision of whether you really like something or not.  I mean, it can rattle around in your drawer for a couple of years before you acknowledge that you aren't going to use it.

My goal is to use up these 15 items before using other things I have.  Ultimately, I want all my makeup to fit in one small bag and that definitely isn't happening right now.  It is almost fitting in one drawer though and I'm pretty happy about that!

I recently canceled my Sephora Play Box subscription for this very reason.  There were just too many things to use.  Oh, I loved getting it.  It was like a birthday present every month, but as the deluxe sample items kept mounting up, it was stressing me out.  I was neglecting the items I actually chose and bought for the myriad items that were randomly sent to me.  That being said, if I get my makeup down to a reasonable amount, I may subscribe again.  In the meantime, Sephora will give you samples of things that you want to try.

Some guidelines for decluttering your makeup or doing a Project Pan Challenge:

1.  Be Purposeful:  Make a pile of your intended products.  I say, if you use it a couple of days and hate it, just chuck it out or give it away.  Done and done!

2.  Be Mindful:  The point of this process is to be aware of how much you are spending, storing and using your makeup.  If you have an issue with overbuying, which many of us have, let this be a discipline to make you aware of what you will use now and enjoy now.

3.  Be Smart:  Makeup is not an investment, no matter how beautiful it is.  Maybe we could find a certain person who is a collector, but be honest and ask yourself if you want to invest so much money into something that expires and goes bad.  Chances are, you cannot use up your makeup if you own too much.

Would anyone like to join me?  Go pick out 10 products and set them aside to finish off!

Remember, you only have one face!!

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