Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites

friday favorites

Today I am linking up with Momfessionals and Grace and Love to write about my Friday Favorites!

{ 1 }

Carolina and I got matching Converse shoes!  We were both so excited to get them in the mail yesterday.  We still may need to exchange sizes and maybe even the style, but we will definitely be sporting some very soon.  

Carolina has flat feet and needs inserts in her shoes which is why we may have to try the different style.  Those soles are glued down and not going anywhere!  Anyone have advice on trying to either take them out or fitting insoles in?

Nico wanted to get in on the action too.  I love his little chubby feet.

Matching Mommy and Carolina shoes 

{ 2 }

Summer clothes shopping is here!  I say that like I love it and I so don't love buying shorts.  I go in the dressing room with a sense of dread and look for the ones I hate the least.  That's so terrible to say and I was hyper aware of anything I said to the salesperson with Carolina in there.  I don't want her to have body image issues.  I don't want myself to have them!

The way I'll decide if I like something in the dressing room is to take a picture and see myself in them.  I'm going to post those pictures so you can see how they look on me compared to the model on the website, for reference.

These are the Pilcro denim shorts.  They were the darkest wash and they seem to be comfy so far.  They stretched out just enough to make them not so tight on my legs like the picture of me wearing them. Also, they are 25% off.

I also got these camo shorts from Anthropologie here .  I sized down to a 26 and I normally wear a 27.  These seem to work like a neutral with a lot of my tops.  I love them and seeing on how much I wore my army green military jacket in the winter, they are going to be my favorite.

This is me wearing the same ones but the grey color.  I didn't get the grey.

{ 3 }

The third is a funny story about when I was in Anthropologie last weekend.   I was near the checkout by a young teenage girl and she was exclaiming how much she loved the scrunchies that are shown here.  Scrunchies! I just looked at her while she continued to extol the benefits of scrunchies in her hair and how they don't crease it.

I just really couldn't even process it except to shake my head and acknowledge that the 80's are back and in full force.  The high waisted pants brought their scrunchies with them and we're all doomed.  Just kidding, I think.

Celine Pony Holder Set

Thanks for reading!  That's all I have for this Friday.  I hope you all have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!  


Laura Darling said...

Those shorts are so cute! ANd that is so funny about the scrunchies!!!

The Closet Therapist said...

Thank you Laura!!

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