Monday, May 15, 2017

21 Day Food Challenge

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So I've decided to do a food challenge with our YMCA.  It's a clean eating challenge that is pretty strict and not something you do for the long term, but more of a reset to clean up your eating habits.  I am on day one and sitting here slightly hungry.  Yikes.

You really need to have a "why" to do something like this.  It's not for the faint of heart to be sure!  You have to be prepared with food plans and preparation to be successful.  I have done Whole 30 several times and it's similar to that except you can't eat fruit or potatoes.  One caveat, for me is that I'm still nursing and even though you aren't supposed to do this if you are nursing, I plan to modify it for myself slightly by eating potatoes, which are starchy carbs.  They tell you that you can modify like that if you need to do so. 

Here is my "why" list:

1.  Eat more vegetables.  I feel like if I'm left to my own devices I never choose vegetables.  

2.  Cut out dairy.  Every time I do Whole 30 I feel fantastic and I don't really miss it much.

3.  Cut out sugar.  I love to bake and eat sweets.  It's good to take a break and it usually doesn't bother me with Whole 30 but I also can eat fruit with that.  We'll see how this goes!

4.  Lose the rest of the baby weight.  I have 8 pounds to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and I only seem to lose weight if I do diets that force me to restrict sugar and bread.  

Here is the link if you are interested in joining too.  Or maybe you are doing Whole 30?  I really loved that and it has a lot more information and support.  I just chose this one because my gym group is doing it and I wanted the accountability and fun in being part of a group.

I'm certainly not advocating this particular challenge because I'm just beginning but if you are interested in what I'm eating, or some recipes that are healthy and creative, let me know!

Here is breakfast and lunch from today, along with some almonds and coffee for an afternoon snack.  

Spinach omelette with garlic and herbes de Provence

Tuna salad put into jicama tacos with a side of guacamole

Oh, and I made these homemade strawberry pop-tarts for my Doctor's birthday last night!  See why I need to do this?

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