Monday, March 14, 2016

A Blog World Re-Entry?

It's been so long.  When I think of filling in the blanks from my last post, my mind reels.  I was just announcing I was pregnant and now I have a six month old little boy.  His name is Nico, really Nicolas, but we call him Nico.  And Carolina is three and a half, getting so big.  These moments and days just fly by with a heart full of treasured memories and it makes me sad that I haven't recorded them here.

Today is different.  A friend kept Carolina last night and even though Nico went to bed at almost midnight, he is sleeping now.  I looked over and my neglected computer happened to be next to me, and I have coffee.  The coffee isn't cold and I didn't have to reheat it in the microwave.  Curious George is not on the tv.  I thought, why not now to get a re-entry into the blog world in motion.  Why not?

I still am the same person that started this blog many years ago when I was single.  I still love to declutter and think about capsule wardrobes, and simplifying life.  In fact, now even more than ever are those things important because the clutter and lack of simplicity steal from my family.

I am always thinking of new ways to be efficient and feeling mostly like I fail, but that's a lie.  I am not failing because my house is a bit messy.  In fact, I'm accomplishing more and greater things.  Because of the press of time I have to be more proactive and organized.  Meal planning has become a priority because everyone seems to always want to eat.  I'm trying to do laundry almost every day just to keep up and not be overwhelmed by Mount Washmore.  Carving out time for the things that matter the most is a top priority and in doing so makes me see that those things that used to be important need to take a back seat or be altogether eliminated.

As I write here, I realize how much I rely on expressing myself with emojis in texting and instagram. Look at all the full sentences!  I hope I'll be able to add blogging back into my life, for my own journaling and place to share my thoughts as well as to look back and see the seasons as they unfolded.  I want to write about topics that are important to me these days and of course I will write about Carolina and Nico because... no explanation needed!  So can you put emojis in blog posts?  I think I might need them after all.  :)

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