Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So I mentioned that I have been doing a lot of cleaning in the last month.  Almost every day I'm thinking about it again.  I have a little tip that might help you too.  Since when we put things in containers, organizers, boxes, etc, we call it storing, I like to call this un-storing.

Sometimes we put things away or "organize" them as we like to call it but it's really just a way of not having to deal with something at the time.  I've noticed that as I pull out bags and boxes of things that have been stored away to use later, they are really not getting used and may never get used.  These organizers, boxes and bins are taking up my space!

I've been pulling them out and seeing what's really inside.  It's not that it's all junk but much of it needs to be in a place that I will use it or let it go.  

My goal is empty boxes and bags and bins.

And then my goal is space.

Empty space

The first thing to do is begin decluttering your spaces that are obvious, that are in plain view.  After you have done that, don't think you are finished.  Look around and see if there are containers and drawers that you can begin decluttering too.  If you aren't sure about something pull it out and look at it for a couple of days.  Maybe you'll decide you don't need it.

Did you need it when it was in the container?

How long ago did you put it in there?


Some things are better contained however.  You know what those things are!  Containers can be great for concealing things and making them look neat on a shelf.  I'm all for that.

But maybe there's a couple containers that can be combined, or cleaned out?

Care to join me in the process?  It's a journey so don't worry if you don't do it all in an hour, a day or even a month.  It's a mindset that you might always be looking for things that you don't need anymore.

This is how Carolina likes to clean, I mean un-clean her room



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