Monday, October 28, 2013

Minimize Makeup Clutter

Decluttering inspiration can come in many forms.  I've had an issue with my "potion bottles" and makeup for a long time.  I've come a long, long way since having an entire linen closet full of bottles to what I have now.  There is just something about the promise of what makeup and beauty products can do for you that draws you in.

Thankfully I do not fall into that trap anymore. I don't give in to the allure of the shiny packaging or that it can somehow make my life better.  I occasionally buy a lipstick or cosmetic that I don't need but just want, but since I wrote about Project 10 Pan here and here, I have continued to use up things without purchasing much, which in the end leads to less and less.  I want makeup to be fun and not the double burden of too much money spent and taking up too much space.

Even with my progress, I still try to whittle down to just what I love.  Believe it or not, I still have my little list from Project 10 Pan too.  I'm on part 9 which means 90 products used up.  My goal is still to have a small makeup bag with all my cosmetics in it.

With Carolina getting taller and taller, she can reach up into my drawer and pull out my makeup.  It's just more motivation to clean them out, or it could get very interesting in my house with some red lipstick in her hands.

I found this video on youtube a couple of weekends ago.  Gustavo was watching football with Carolina one Sunday afternoon and I watched a ridiculous amount of these videos with my free time.  They are really addicting and most importantly inspiring.  

If you are a little bit crazy like me and love to watch someone declutter anything, I invite you to watch these videos.  She has a little series called Less Stuff, Less Stress.   Here's some little nuggets I gleaned from her videos.

Be decisive

Have someone in mind to give things 

I got my use out of it

This is way too much for one person to have

It's a good thing to see space

Be honest about what you are using now

The money was wasted when you bought it, not when you get rid of it

You can bless someone else with your excess

I'll let someone else love it

Anyone else have trouble with decluttering makeup?  Who is still doing Project 10 Pan?  
What inspires you to let go of unloved products?


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