Monday, October 14, 2013

Favorites at Costco

These girls are best friends!  They light up when they see each other.

I have a friend who takes me to Costco almost every time she goes.  I love Costco and I never thought I would say that!  We don't have a ton of space for big warehouse packages but I have found that if I spread purchases out I can really make it work for us.  

Some of the bulk items are not only tough to store but they can hit the budget pretty hard. I have to be very disciplined when I shop there.  Sometimes we split items like eggs, vegis, cheese, and snack packages like the Annies crackers.  Sometimes I just have to leave something behind because I may not need it immediately and it can wait until next time.  On our last visit I had to leave behind the Reynolds wrap.  Even though it is a good price, it was too much for that week and we needed the kleenex more.

We have so much fun and take far longer to shop than anyone should. This is our version of a double stroller or what happens when I forget mine.  It's the you sit at my feet and I'll kick your head stroller.  

 We usually make at least a half day of it and stop and get a coffee first at this cute place on the way.  It's such a cute area with Anthropologie and Paper Source next door.

It's always an adventure with two little one year olds!  We always have to clean up after we leave because theres usually a million cheerios on the floor.

So after the first stop, we head to Costco for shopping and sample eating galore.  When I first started shopping there I would look online for some of the favorites so I wanted to share my list too.  I put the link to the products on Amazon but everything is much cheaper at Costco.  I listed prices from my receipt but your local Costco may have different prices.

Annie's Crackers $11.59 for 36

Dubliner Cheese was $10.39 on sale on our last trip but normally $12.99

Organic Tortilla Chips $4.99 for this huge bag.  I split it up when I open it into 3 large freezer ziplock bags and they stay fresh for a couple of weeks.

Red Star Yeast  $4.49

Garlic $3.99

Organic Eggs 24 for $6.99  

Fig Bars 24 for $7.99 

Organic Flour 2 5 pound bags for $11.99

So tell me, what are your Costco favorites?  

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