Friday, October 25, 2013

Decluttering for a Cause

I'm always looking for incentives to pry more things out of my closets.  Why is it so hard to decide to let go of things that you know you don't wear?


I might need them later,

they could come back in style,

and I like having options.

Just to name a few little reasons.

When I pulled out my winter clothes, I discovered some dress pants that I used to wear to church but I know I won't be wearing this year.  They have a wide leg and I've fully transitioned to skinny jeans. (I never thought it would happen!)  I showed them to Gustavo and he agreed that they are nice pants so I put them back in the chest.

But later I got to thinking about it and then I read Janet's post.  It was just the motivation I needed to get those pants back out.  And then I had an idea since these could be work pants for someone.  I don't know anyone to give them to but I quickly googled Dress for Success and saw that Houston has a donation center.  They have a very strict list of acceptable donations.  Without too much analysis paralysis, I went through my clothes with a different mindset.

Now, I am helping someone less fortunate dress for their new job.  I can get on board with this!  It was just the motivation I needed.  I was able to dig deeper in my wardrobe and let go of things that I wasn't even going to part with, but I knew that I rarely wore those items.

I reasoned that if I held on these clothes too long eventually they won't be current at all and then no good to anyone.  Do I want to wish that fate on them?  No, they should be of use to someone if not me.  The waste would be in not giving them away and letting someone else use them.

When I came to a moment of indecision, I would text my Aunt Karen to help me decide.

If you need an honest opinion, I'll give you her cell phone number.


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