Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Sentimental Girl Nursery

Our nursery is complete (except for the baby) and I'm so excited to share the photos with you.  This has been a labor of love and so much fun to get ideas and see them come to fruition.  

One of my favorite parts is the wooden monogram.  These came from Kygracedesigns on Etsy.  Originally I saw it on Pinterest through God Bless Our Nest.  The paint color is Romance by Sherwin Williams and I got that inspiration from her nursery too.  The funny thing about the monogram is that I haven't even fully committed to her name until I see her.  I'm indecisive.

The closet was painstakingly put in by future Daddy G.  It wasn't as easy as we thought it was going to be, but what is when it comes from Ikea!  We used their Antonius system for part of the closet and the other side we cut shelves at Home Depot.  This is a tiny closet and it was in desperate need of a storage system.  We chose something that will grow with her.  After those itty bitty clothes get bigger, the rods can accommodate shirts and pants.  

Everyone thinks that this is a ton of clothes but what you see are two years worth of sizes.  A friend of mine had a yard sale and sold me the majority of the clothes I have from 9 months to 24 months.  

How cute are all the little tiny shoes?  Some of them were on the diaper cake at my shower, some were given to us by friends and we scored some from a yard sale of a very stylish baby.

This dresser used to be dark and we painted it gray. We go into the nursery and just stare at it because it was quite a process and we are thrilled with how it turned out.  I've had it forever and we just bought new knobs from Anthropologie to make it more girly.  I got the Audrey Hepburn print on our honeymoon and the Eiffel Tower lamp is from Target.

I adore children's books!  I was thrilled to get a lot of books at my shower and I am so excited to read most of these books for the first time.  Somehow I missed out on reading (or having read to me) the early children's books, but I am looking forward to instilling a love of reading in our little girl as well as catching up myself on the classics.

This side of the room has our gallery wall of pictures.  We used the frames that used to be in our living room.  I printed out some free printables and kept some pictures that are special to me.  The star in the corner came from my friend Renee who knows I love pink and gave it to me when I moved to Texas.  It's going to be a great night light.  The cubes furniture came from Ikea and it makes a great changing table as well as storage.  

Here is a closer look at some of the prints.  A map of Puerto Rico is close to G's heart.  There are some Bible verse inspired art prints as well as a Corgi silhouette, photo strip of G and me and picture of my Mom and me.  The girl banner is from the gender reveal party.

I cross-stitched this when I was in high school.  It took me hours and hours.  I never finished it but my Mom had it framed anyway and I love having it there!  I always wanted a red headed little girl because I adored Anne of Green Gables and Pippi Longstocking!

These shelves came from Pottery Barn kids.  It's full of special little things; a Belkie bear my Nanny gave me, a Daughter poem that my Mom gave me, and a Paddington Bear that my brother gave me in 4th grade.  I also have a piggy bank that you can't see from probably before kindergarden.  I made the little dress that is hanging there.  A friend made me the quilt that is draped over the chair and it fits perfectly in the nursery.  I adore it!

I've been busy sewing lots of things lately.  I made loads of burp cloths, a couple of dresses, wash cloths and a blanket.  I don't think I've told you that G got me a sewing machine for our anniversary last September.  It was a wonderful gift and has come in really handy!

Here is one of the burp cloths that I monogrammed.

Oh sweet, sentimental value...This is a picture of G and me on our first date.  He bought me that tacky frame and it's just the perfect kitsch for here.

I made a baby book and this is the page where we predict what she is going to be like.  I downloaded the template from Young House Love.

This is a shot of most of the room.  A friend helped me make the gray chevron crib skirt and I made the pillow.  The pink chair is one of two that I've had for a long time.  It was so meant to be that I have a little girl!  The purple chair and ottoman was generously given to us by a couple that we are friends with from church. It's so comfy and we were so grateful.

This is a another shot of the closet and dresser.  You can see the storage cubes from Ikea in the top of the closet.  These are handy for clothing that isn't the right size yet.

I lined the dresser drawers with different patterns of paper so it would be cheerful when we open them.

The drawer organizers came from Ikea.

These are my bags packed and ready for the hospital!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Due In 10 Days

38 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant

So happy and I already know I'm going to miss not being pregnant.   
I love to feel her kicking inside of me.  

I am so blessed to have experienced the joy that is pregnancy.  
God has been so good to me.  

Monday, June 04, 2012

So Many Changes!

Life has been a whirlwind these past few months.  Besides the happy news in my last post about being pregnant, we have made so many changes around here.  The biggest change is that we bought a new house.  We also decided to rent our old house which was a time intensive and sometimes amusing process.  We bought a new car and sold my old car that had just short of 250,000 miles on it.  G wouldn't let me keep driving it because of the baby.  There have been endless lists of things to do every week and slowly everything is getting accomplished.  These are the biggies that have been going on but as you can imagine, there are so many details in between.

I wish that I had written about the whole moving process along the way to share with you.  There was so much decluttering involving Craigslist, Freecycle and charity shops.  I tried to do so much before moving, but even after moving we had a room full of stuff that we dubbed the Hoarder Room.  Sometimes we like to watch that show just to inspire ourselves to tackle the piles that were left.  G likes to put his hands up like a camera and make the creepy music sounds from the show.  We were never that bad, but  I'm happy to report that this room is almost empty now.  It was another stripping of some sentimental things, and some things I just gave up and put them away.  I still can't let go of my prom dress!

Since we found out we are having a girl, I was so excited that a few of my sentimental childhood possessions can end up in her sweet nursery.  She can play with my Cabbage Patch dolls and anything else she would like.  It's come full circle and there is no worry about her messing them up or passing them down.  She may not even like them since she will have her own things.  I hope she does though!

One of the main reasons we wanted to move was to be in a one story instead of a two story.  We had been looking for almost a year online when we found the perfect house.  It is a one and a half story with a media/sewing room upstairs.  We love it!  It is a bigger house and three bedrooms like our old house, however the closets are so much smaller.  This is a house made for a minimalist, which I am not by the way, but I am always aspiring to have less and it's a perfect reminder to have fewer possessions stuffed back in the closet.  Adding baby stuff to the mix has been really interesting!

My pregnancy is going so smoothly that I can't complain at all.  I haven't had any problems and I'm so thankful for this little girl that moves around all the time inside of me.  We have been working on her nursery for over a couple months now and just finished it.  I can't wait to show you pictures.  It was so fun to put together a mixture of old and new along with items that were given to us.  Here's a little preview.  This is just the girl part of the banner from our gender reveal party.

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