Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days {Day 27} Simple Updates

Today is G's 30th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Gustavo!!

Because of the blessed event of my husband's birthday, we are having a party for him this weekend.  After my post on Simple Decorating, I decided to add a few more inexpensive elements.  I bought two bags of gourds for $4.99 each and distributed them through the house.

This is the dining room table with a simple tray of gourds and pumpkins.  My pictures are always crappy so sorry about that.  In person it looks better.

I also printed some new pictures to go in our gallery of frames in the living room.  I found a DIY monogram with a free download at The Wedding Chicks website and printed them.  You must go over there and see all their free DIY downloads.  Even if you're not getting married there are fun little projects for your house.  I used this one to get the little heart.  You can print them in many colors.

I put some of the little pumpkins all over the house and added the acorn dish to the tray on our ottoman.

That's all, just a few little things that don't cost much and add some fall feeling to your home.  What do you do to perk up or change things around in your house?  I'd love to have more simple and cheap ideas for the future.


beingFab said...

The decor elements are sweet! Simple and non fussy!! Hope G has a great day!!

Alison said...

Where are your white frames from? I've been looking for similar ones. Your wall looks great!

The Closet Therapist said...

Being Fab-Thanks so much. He moped around on his actual birthday, but the surprise party made up for it. :)

Alison-They are from Ikea. All sizes and cheap too!

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