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31 Days {Day 22} Simplicity in Stationery

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When I was in high school my Nanny informed me that I have to write thank you notes after receiving graduation presents.  I happily obliged and since then I have continued the ritual of a hand written thank you.

It was also her that got me started on my love of paper and stationery since she would buy me a box of Hallmark stationery every Christmas.  I am somewhat obsessed and have been known to linger a long time in any kind of paper store.  I always feel the quality of the paper before I buy it.  There is something about the way it feels on your fingers and eventually the way the pen glides over the paper.   The pen is another essential ingredient in letter writing and Le Pen is my favorite.  They come in so many pretty colors.

I wanted to show you just a couple of different cards and sets of paper that I have.  There is a selection of beautiful paper that I can use for thank you notes, Father's Day cards, baby shower cards, or just a thinking of you card.  I find that blank cards are the most multi-purpose but a design on the front can also be used for many occasions.

This is a pad of writing paper I got in France and the other a blank card and envelope set
 These would be for a personal note or a thank you card.  
A couple of sweet cards that have a special touch

Because I can use my stationery for every occasion, it means that I never need to buy a Hallmark card.  They are so expensive and you can buy Crane stationery for the price of a couple Hallmark cards which makes stationery a great investment.

I know that pre-written cards can be sweet or funny, but I much prefer to write a personalized note.  It takes practice and I'm sure you can read up on how to word things if you are at a loss.  In the end, I feel like my well thought out words are received much better and touch the heart a little bit more.  I don't think I need to elaborate on why an email is not the same.

To step up the game, you can also buy pretty stamps when you get the opportunity.  I've always thought that presentation is everything.  I love a well wrapped gift and a card in an envelope is no exception.  Yesterday G was about to use my Katharine Hepburn stamps on a bill he was sending and I informed him that those are my special stamps.  He said, "Oh, is it because she is Audrey Hepburn's sister?"  Um-hummm, now put them back.  I buy utilitarian stamps too for blah bill writing.  It's not necessary, but when they make a great stamp, I buy a couple of books for the future.

Even if you don't have a love for paper like me, you can buy a package of multi-colored cards at a craft store and use them in many ways.  A great benefit of having a box of cards on hand is that you don't have to make that last minute stop to buy one which will ultimately simplify your life in yet another way.

What is your favorite way of writing and sending cards?  My Nanny that I mentioned above is a die-hard Hallmark buyer.  Even though I don't follow suit, I always love her cards.  My Mom would write me on some random piece of torn notebook paper.  I have every letter she ever sent me.  My Aunt Delores is the best card writer ever.  She is always sending just because cards and there is always a drawing and sweet note inside.  It's always a delight that she includes a piece of gum and a dollar bill for a glass of sweet tea.  Letters make great memories and who doesn't love to get some snail mail?


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of writing hand-written thank you notes, too, instead of purchasing a thank you card. For a couple of years I have used a pretty Tiffany blue paper set from Crane, but I'm really itching to get some stationery and envelopes embossed with my name. It's pricey, but I appreciate the "throw back" feeling I get each time I sit down to my desk to write a note to someone.

That is hysterical about your husband using a Hepburn stamp and mistaking K for Audrey's sister. That's something my husband would do. :-)

The Closet Therapist said...

Rebekah-Your stationery sounds beautiful. I have some with my initials that are a soft pink. They can be very affordable at the right company.

I love writing letters too, it's an art that is dying.

He knows about Audrey but Katharine is a mystery I guess. :)

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