Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days {Day 21} Simple Laundry Tip

Recently G and I were training for a 5k together in 100 degree heat.  There was a lot of laundry and it was really smelly.  I almost succumbed to buying commercial detergent just to get the scent.  Every time I went to buy it though, I couldn't justify the price.  I mean I make it for practically nothing and it lasts me months.

Besides that, one of the reasons I make my own is because I don't want the fragrance.  It makes me sneeze.  I experimented with a couple of different options, mainly vinegar and baking soda.

Plain vinegar
Plain Baking Soda

The main problem with the smells is getting them out of anything with the Coolmax fabric. It lingers and I heard I'm not the only one with that problem.  They even sell a special detergent for those fabrics.  I found that the vinegar alone really does the trick.  I probably dumped 1/2 cup in there during the washing cycle.  I have a regular washing machine so I don't know about HE machines.

This is where I store my washing powder

The recipe on an old paint chip is almost gone

 I usually don't use dryer sheets because I also use vinegar as a fabric softener.  But since I was dealing with a smelly situation, I decided to use these for good measure.  I only tear off half a sheet.  They really don't leave a scent on the clothing which is fine with me.

Do you have any laundry tricks to save money?  What about special ways to get stains from under the arms.  I haven't figured that one out yet.  Please help!

Here is "proof" that I did my 5k by the way!!  I ran the whole way and was so proud!


edj3 said...

I use borax powder, the 20 mule team brand. Their website has all sorts of ways to use it, but I just dump 1/8 C in each load (we have a small stackable unit so it's not a big capacity washer, although I can and do fit my queen sheets and pillow cases in one load).

As for stains, try using whatever bar soap you have on hand. I haven't tried it for pit stains but it works beautifully on ring around the collar :-)

Anonymous said...

actually i just read on Pinterest that a ground up aspirin tablet will get out sweat stains - because of the salicylic acid in them. Haven't tried it yet but thought i'd pass it along

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