Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days {Day 20} Simplicity in Decorating

I am not the type of person who likes to decorate my house for every holiday.  I have three seasonal decor stages.  One is almost all the time and I use my beachy cottage decor.  The second lasts for about a month and is five pumpkins on our mantel where the starfish used to be.  I also have a couple more pumpkins that I place where I take out all the shells and starfish.  I also change out my periwinkle flowers for the goldy-green chrysanthemums.  The third is the Christmas decor which is what I have in the most abundance which is two bins full.

You can find lots of inspiration for decoration on other blogs but this is how I like to keep it simple.  This picture is of my little pumpkins.  It's simple but at least it looks like I made a little effort for the fall season.

What I like to do is try to keep the same basic structure and be able to add seasonal touches.  Those glass hurricane jars can be filled with ornaments for Christmas.  For Halloween or just fall they can be filled with candy corn, leaves or pumpkins.  It is super easy, not expensive and you don't have to store a lot of things that are out of season.

I also like to add natural elements that are free.  Maybe you have pine cones or nuts around your neighorhood that you can gather.  Branches look really cool in tall vases.  A bowl of cinnamon sticks are earthy looking and smell nice.

I realize that I am often alone in my thinking.  I really like holiday decor but storing boxes and boxes of items out of season is not something I want to do.  The other thing is that I don't like spending money on these doodads.  They are often kind of expensive and I never seem to justify the expense.  I would like to learn how to make some things though.  

These pictures have a lot of simple elements that I love.  What do you do for fall decor?  Are you an all out decorator or simple like me?  What are your favorite free ways to decorate?  I'm all ears on that one!

Source: None via Jackie on Pinterest

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest


Stephanie said...

I love these ideas! I have downsized my holiday decor dramatically. I only do Christmas and that consists of a small tree and just a few other items. I used to go crazy with this but the boxes of things got to be too much.

The Closet Therapist said...

Isn't it funny that I used to actually feel guilty that I didn't decorate more for holidays? Those boxes that you have to store stress me out!

I'm glad you like the ideas. :)


SMDaigle said...

Christmas is the only holiday that I decorate for unless I'm having a party or special gathering at my house. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I get decorated for Christmas and then again when I get it all cleaned up! I simply don't have the time or space in my life for doing more!

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