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31 Days {Day 2}: Inside my Closet

31 Days {Day 2}

I started yesterday pulling out all my clothes for Project 333.  It was a lot, even though I pride myself on having a small wardrobe by American standards, or maybe that's denial?  It was time to transition some summer clothes anyway, so that part was easy.  Immediately I put all the summer clothes into bags to deal with later.  Then I laid all the possibilities on the bed so I could coordinate outfits and also count the items.  It really felt like packing.

The problem that I knew I would encounter is that it's still summer heat here.  What I decided to do is build a wardrobe of layering pieces to wear now.  I can wear my sleeveless shirts now and add the sweater when it gets cold.  Cold is relative here in Houston.  Cold is 60 degrees although it does get in the 30s here.  To remedy that problem, I decided to leave a few items open for me to add later so I actually have less than 33 items at the moment.  I just couldn't hang a turtleneck wool sweater in my closet now.  It's too weird.

Narrowing down what jewelry I would possibly want to wear for the next few months made me a little uneasy.  I mean how am I going to know what I feel like on a particular day?  Then I realized that this is a first world problem, picked two pairs of earrings and a necklace and moved on.

Shoes are already a small part of my wardrobe in the winter so I was able to fairly easily take out the summer and only be left with a few.  Goodness, though, it's not easy to think about what shoes go with what pants.  I think I may just eliminate my dress pants altogether so I don't have to add those shoes with a heel.  It's going to be a super casual three months, people!

These are my pants, sweaters and blazers
and my shirts

I also picked one purse to carry for the next three months.  I really only use two in the winter anyway.  One is camel and the other is metallic silver.  I just held up each of them to see what matched the most things and the camel colored won.

There may be some tweaking over the next week to make sure I chose well.  Ultimately the idea is to live with less items and I'm pretty sure I can do that.  I may even take out some of the shirts so that I can add some warmer sweaters later.  I live in turtlenecks in the winter.  Brrr, even in our house we keep it at 65 degrees.  In fact I just talked myself into it as I look at the picture above as I'll be laughing at those spaghetti straps soon enough.

Any advice for me from Project 333 veterans?  Who's doing this with me? How about you Vivienne? Does anyone think this is crazy?  The funny thing is that was listening to Confessions of a Shopaholic on audiobook while I did this, which is a nice contradiction in itself!


The Vivenne Files said...

Eeeek! Okay, I'll sort out the clothes tomorrow morning, and I'll include what I've worn so far in October (which isn't much!). Are you going to show outfits as you wear them? I hope so!
big hug,

beingFab said...

I'd just like to echo Vivienne's thoughts - do post pictures of all the outfits as you wear them through this challenge!! And one question - do the same rules apply to women who have jobs outside of home as well as stay at home Moms like me??

Stephanie said...

I'll post my list of 33 items in your comments later today. I'm so glad others are doing this as well.

Kristi said...

I haven't figured out how I'm going to blog about this yet, but I'm also doing the project ... I like the idea of being able to tweak it the first week, because I realized the first day I had some major errors in the clothes I picked.
Are you going to post every day or every week or what? Maybe I'll try to follow your example! Good luck.

Stephanie said...

Here's my list:

1. dark blue wash trouser jeans
2. black boot cut jeans
3. black dress pants
4. black ankle pants

Shells and Shirts:
5. black tank
6. navy tank
7. charcoal grey tank
8. wine tank/tunic
9. long sleeve black silk jersey shirt
10. long sleeve eggplant silk jersey shirt

11. charcoal grey blazer (outerwear on light days but mainly used as an everyday blazer/jacket)
12. black poncho (can be worn as a top layering piece and not just outerwear)
13. wine poncho (can be worn as a top layering piece and not just outerwear)

14. Black merino wool cardigan
15. Charcoal Grey cardigan
16. Dove grey short sleeve cardigan
17. Wine cardigan

18. Black Tunic
##. See #7 also doubles as a tunic
19. Wine turtleneck 3/4 sleeve jersey tunic

20. Black thin loose layering sweater - very drapey and loose
21. Cinnamon thin loose layering sweater - very drapey and loose

22. Silver Necklace

23. black ballet flats
24. gold ballet flats
25. black sandals with a heel
26. black suede shooties with a heel
27. black clogs with a lower heel

28. leopard scarf
29. black animal print scarf
30. purple scarf
31. ivory scarf
32. sunglasses (annoying that these have to take up a spot)
33. Grey Gerard Darel handbag

The Closet Therapist said...

Vivienne-You go girl! I saw your post and it's great!
I'll post my list soon.

Being Fab-Hi! I'm am a stay at home wife so I think it makes it easier for us. I need less clothes and there's nobody to criticize me for wearing the same thing twice. What are your thoughts?

I'm not sure about posting my outfits. We'll see!!

The Closet Therapist said...

Kristi-Awesome! I'll come and check out your blog. I'll probably post at least once a week, maybe more. I think tweaking is totally necessary and acceptable. It's not meant to be punishment, but I kind of like bendy rules anyway. :)

The Closet Therapist said...

Stephanie-Wow!! You are on the ball as usual! I'm also annoyed that sunglasses have to take up a spot. I mean really!

I love that your list includes four scarves, and that's so reflective of your honed personal style!

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