Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Days {Day 14} Beautiful Vanity

Sometime during the fourth incarnation of Project 10 Pan, I decided that I was tired of having all the bottles out on my vanity area.  Although I had a good reason to keep things out on the counter as they encouraged me to use them up, it just looked ugly.  I was so inspired looking at vanities in magazines or online and wanted mine to be neat and pretty too. 

So I decided to do something about it.  Getting rid of tons of bottles during that time really helped the clutter issue, but sparse isn't always pretty.  I didn't want it to be fussy though and it had to be very functional.  

This is my vanity in the bathroom and I've had this set up for a little while so I know that it works for me. I still have to be diligent about putting things away so it doesn't look messy.  Most of my toiletries are in the little baskets below the shelves.  I also have an area in my closet for perfume and jewelry but this suits me to achieve that look I wanted, simple but also special.

 I can put odds and ends in my little elephant tray.  The drawers hold my makeup, hairbrushes, wash cloths and toothbrushes.  I love looking at beautiful perfume bottles and my Chanel lipstick.  The plant is from Ikea and the tray from the Pottery Barn outlet.

Since this whole concept seemed idealistic and too perfect for me at first, I wanted to share some ideas of how you can do this to your own space.  There are so many creative ways to make the practical look beautiful. Enjoy the dreamy pictures and get some ideas you can use in your own space.

So sentimental with the b/w photo and it looks like all the essentials are out to be used.

I love the little tray to hold things.
Source: via Sandy on Pinterest
A collection of perfume bottles gets me every time.
Another tray and perfume
For jewelry storage too
Isn't the bust great for holding necklaces?
A multitasking space.  It has it all and it's fab!

What inspires you in your bathroom or vanity area?  Do you dream of having a beautiful little space like these or does it matter at all?  Do you like all your stuff on the counter or hidden away?  

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