Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days {Day 11} Secret Weapon of Decluttering

Sometimes I need a kick in the pants to get myself going with decluttering.  This is my secret weapon and it works every time.  I love this book so much and have listened to it many times.  The trick for me is that I have it on my iphone and can carry it around the house with me while I'm cleaning.


I won't ruin the book for you, but the main character goes through her own decluttering process in her home.  The situations she finds herself in are completely relevant to a lot of things you will also face.  I get so inspired when she chooses to move on from certain items.  Her life changes for the better too, which can totally happen with us as well!

What about you?  Do you have any secret weapon for motivation?  Maybe it's Flylady or the show Hoarders.  That show gets me going every time.  I am just itching to clean after seeing it.  Share your ideas with me.  I can always use inspiration.


C'est Moi said...

Watching Hoarders always helps get me off the fence and be a bit more ruthless with decluttering.

Also, things which I no longer use but still have a bit of value, like an almost-new blender or designer bag, go to the eBay pile. If they don't make it onto eBay or are unsold within a month, they transition to the charity bin and are given away, but at least I feel like I tried.

Lastly, for my closest, my spouse and I sometimes play a "de-clutter game" - we set a goal, let's say 30 or 40 items (has to be high and a little painful). I have 10 minutes to pull out what I will give away or sell, and if I succeed in meeting that goal, I get one thing of my "someday" list right away. My "someday" list is made up of special occasion kind of wishes (worthy of birthdays or Christmas) - like a nice piece of costume jewelry or cashmere sweater - so it's a great motivator. Over time, the goal number has decreased because I have really pared down, and now I pretty much couldn't part with anything else in my closet!

The Closet Therapist said...

C'est Moi-You really have a great system. So disciplined! I love the motivation game you did and now you have exactly what you need.

Do you feel like you are a minimalist now or just happy to own less things?


C'est Moi said...

I am far from being a true minimalist - don't think I will ever get there. But I suppose if it were relative, I guess I would say I am a minimalist compared to my former self - and that's something! I am happy to own less things, and to love everything I own. Now each item is a treasure, and not another burden to move or clean, etc. (most days). I so enjoy reading your daily blog and I applaud your stamina - you are so motivated! Congrats and looking forward to seeing more!

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