Monday, May 23, 2011

Turn Your Hangers Around


Recently I attended a women's retreat that was put on by our church.  They have different seminars that you can attend.  I guess it's no surprise that I attended the one on organizing!  I cannot get enough of the subject of organizing and decluttering and it's always fun to see another perspective.

A lot of the information was about streamlining processes in your life like mail sorting and laundry.  I'm always looking to get a tidbit that will make my life efficient and also pass along to others.  So I am here to pass along a little gem that she shared with us.  You've probably heard of it, but maybe have never tried it.

It's just a simple little trick to determine what clothes you really do wear.  As you can see from the title, just turn your hangers around.  I did this last week and I'm already getting confirmation of what I thought I needed to let go.  I'm using this process to further edit my summer clothes.    I feel like I've got a lot of shirts but still I don't like a lot of the ones I have.  How typical am I, I know!  I'll be contending with these backwards hangers throughout the summer, but definitely at the end of the summer heads shirts will roll!

I'm actually surprised that something so simple can be so effective in eliminating arguments with yourself about what you actually wear.  Maybe you are like me and when you change out your seasonal clothes, you can talk yourself into keeping items a little bit longer.  

Has anyone tried this?  I'll be honest it took me a little while to do this.  I was a tiny bit smug and didn't want to admit to needing this process.  Au contraire though, because The Closet Therapist needs a dose of reality too!  Hopefully by the end of this process, we'll have more empty hangers and less clutter.


sisty said...

Clearly I'm more disorganized than I thought, because I'm not sure I understand how this is supposed to work!

The Closet Therapist said...

Sisty, I'm sorry if it is confusing. You turn your hangers around backwards opposite of the natural way you would hang clothes. When you wear something, you pull it out and hang it back the normal way. After a while, you will see which hangers have never been pulled out. I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Ingenious, simple, and it doesn't cost you a thing. Love it.

I'm going to use this the next time I organize a friend's closet to help her determine her wearability percentages.

The Closet Therapist said...

Hi Rebekah, Thank you for saying that. :) There really isn't any cheating with this little trick.

Wearability percentages- sounds like a complicated process to obtain those numbers!

LJ said...

What a great idea!


The Closet Therapist said...

Thanks Leah! Long time, no see! Miss your sweet blog. :)

Chloe said...

Hey, thanks for following me and commenting. Even a Deacon's wife sometimes needs pretty things, huh? You don't look like you have anything to worry about getting frumpified.

Anyway, I like your site. And I like this idea.

I've recently made all my hangers one type. It amazes me how this little thing makes me feel so much better about my closet. It just seems neater and more organized.

I can't wait to try this new idea with the hangers to help me edit out the things I'm not wearing anymore.

Thanks again. Chloe

Karena said...

This is very smart! I have de-cluttered a lot, however there is lots I still don't wear !

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Faux Fuchsia said...

Decluttering is one of my favourite things ever. I had a very soothing and calming declutter of my clothes the other day. But I still own 90 frocks. I know. I'm shocked too. My zeal is transfering to my friends- they're on the decluttering bandwagon too. x

The Closet Therapist said...

Chloe---Oooh I love the only one kind of hangars look. I used to have all wooden hangers, now I have a mix and hubby has all the wooden hangers. :)

The Closet Therapist said...

Karena, You are not alone! It's always a work in progress.

The Closet Therapist said...

Faux Fuschia--You said "frocks"! That is such a funny word to Americans but I love it. We have a store here called "Frock" Decluttering is contagious and I'm sure your friends love being inspired by you. :)

Anonymous said...

Frock = dress?!?

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