Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project 10 Pan


I am reluctant to write about this, but I figured if I got this little bit of crazy maybe someone else does too.  Maybe you've heard of the phenomena called "Project 10 Pan", maybe not.  In the makeup blogger community there was a blogger named Laura who decided that she wanted to use up 10 items of makeup before she bought more.  This idea caught on and there are thousands of girls struggling through their beloved products so that they can eventually buy more.  Just for fun google Project 10 Pan, or P10P and see what you find.  There are even You Tube videos showing others the items that they are using up!  Who knew that anyone would be interested?

As someone who loves to clean out clutter, I find this topic fascinating.  When I really stopped to think about it as I explained it to G, I saw the irony and ridiculousness of this makeup hoarding collecting and at the same time the virtue of wanting to use it up.  I think in their hearts, they know that they can't possibly ever use that much makeup but they have been seduced into buying into every gimmick that comes around.  I know it's fun because I love makeup too, but where are the limits?  In my own makeup drawer, I'm ready to define limits on the quantity that I should have.  For me, it's just that--ridiculous to have too much and I do want the satisfaction of using up what I paid a lot of money to purchase.

Now, I'm not a makeup hoarder but you could say that I have enough to last me a long, long time because there is so much variety.  I have already been on a "no-buy" for awhile now, but now I wanted to focus my efforts to use up things in order to yes, have less variety.  Who knew as I accumulated all this selection of colors that my desire eventually would be to only have a few.  I do give away items as my friends and family know, because I'll usually include a lipgloss or something fun in with whatever I am sending.  So I have my initial 10 items selected and I will be going along to reduce the amount of makeup clutter/variety in my life.  The only difference is that I won't be purchasing more, but will persist in focusing on the half used up items in my collection.

Anyone want to make fun of me for making my little list, and setting such a shallow little goal?  Anyone want to join me?  Let's dig out all that beauty stuff and make our vanities clutter free.

P.S.  If you are not familiar with the makeup lingo, "pan" is the term given for the bottom of the makeup tray.  A moment of glory is when you "hit pan", and if you want to see a lot of pan, look up "pan porn"!!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

His Closet, Her Dressing Room

Pretty Closet Alert!! 

I LOVE seeing closets that are not only functional but full of sweet details. Sara at Russet Street Reno is a closet decorating genius! I know you are going to think that her dressing room and her newly decorated husband's closet are just as swoonworthy as I did.

Check out this capiz chandelier, calming neutral paint & gorgeous curtains, not to mention a settee to sit down and put on your shoes.  Oooh and the mirrored tray full of perfume is pure luxury here people!   And look at that huge full length mirror. Sigh.

The first three photos are her dressing room and the last three are her husband's closet.  The greek tile rugs are so bright and cheery!

Isn't the dress all set to go for wearing the next day a cool idea?  It doesn't hurt that it is color coordinated with the decor.

That is a lot of clothes, and only shirts!

Beautiful in closet storage drawers

There's a stylish light in here too.  I love the paint color.  Look at the uniform hangers and color coordination!  It looks like she might do some closet space sharing with hubby.  Who says having a whole room for your closet is enough?

OK, closet lovers, what do you think of this beauty?  Does it make you look at your closet a little differently? Who is completely inspired and mesmerized, like I am? Let's have some respect for our house of clothes and doll it up like the rest of our homes!

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