Thursday, January 13, 2011

Belated Christmas Boots

Oh, Rue La La, how I love you but you are an ever-present temptation. Yesterday I succumbed to your pressure and bought these boots. Hopefully, I will wear these boots for years to come. They are very classic and I love that color! If this relationship doesn't work out, I've already checked ebay and they can be sold quite easily. I don't know why but posting this picture on here makes these boots look very manly. I guess they kind of are, but I still like them.

Because I have a husband who also can't resist some Cole Haan temptation, he got some boots too. He has been saying that he wants some boots and if this will deter him from getting cowboys boots, then I definitely approve. I made him pinky swear that he really, really wanted these boots because they are final sale. Cannot be returned is like death to these ears, but sometimes you just have to take the chance.

The last time we bought something non-returnable was a watch for his birthday. It turned out to be hideously big and we are selling it as soon as we can. It was funny to hear the stories of his co-workers making fun of it though. Boo hiss Invictus!

These boots are our belated Christmas presents. G and I decided not to exchange presents this year. We just opened something on Christmas morning that we were going to buy anyway. It was so hectic that I wanted to buy something that I really wanted in the after Christmas sales. I normally have a lot of presents for him at any occasion possible, but I really didn't miss it this year since his whole family was here visiting. There's always Valentine's Day anyway!!

What about you? Do you prefer online shopping? Is it a constant temptation for you? Do sites like Rue La La and Gilt find you wanting things you didn't know you needed? Online shopping is always my friend if it means not fighting Houston traffic. I know I have to be careful though not to buy too much. This final sale quandary is a tough one and I also don't like to pay shipping, but since I had a credit with Rue La La from a previous return, it was eating a whole in my virtual pocket. G normally likes to touch it and test something before he buys it. Me? I only get nervous if I can't return it. And besides that, I'm always considering that I can get cash back through ebates if I buy online which is a huge incentive.

Pics from Rue La La. They are still on sale now if you hurry.


the gardener's cottage said...

i like your boots, and his too. good choice. i think they have a classic country estate look.

Sherri said...

i can't believe you don't want gustavo to get cowboy boots! i've been wanting some for awhile, but have been waiting so i can buy some really nice ones.

The Closet Therapist said...

Thanks Janet, They totally look like your style too. :)

Sherri, I guess I'm not totally Texan yet. I like them on other people but I'm not sold on them for G yet. You'll have to post when you buy yours.

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