Thursday, February 04, 2010

Corral Your Family Board Games

What have I been up to since January 1?  I've been redecorating and reorganizing all over the place, and now I'm here to tell about it!  I've been tacking little projects by doing something that I usually wait until the last possible moment to do, buy more stuff, whether it's organizing stuff or not.

I always think that if I have to go buy a box to hold stuff that those things must be clutter and I must ignore them until they go away.  They don't always go away.  They are shameful like that, clutter I mean.  So sometimes you have to corral your stuff so it can have a place to live and be respectable and no longer call itself clutter.

Since our extra family moved in last August, we've been playing a lot of board games and they were inadvertently being left out on the table until next time, dot dot dot.  That seems fine, but I hated them just lying there on the table until the next time.  So I set about finding a perfect new home for them which wouldn't be high up in the upstairs closet and also wouldn't be on the dining room table.  

I scoured TJ Maxx and Home Goods and Target a few times before finding this perfectly damaged but suitable and fortunately marked down gem.  Now our games have a place to live and they are handily stored in a convenient place for game-time at a moment's notice.

This is  my (im)perfect basket that only has one handle functional until I fix the other one. 

Ok, so it's not the deal of the century but have you noticed how expensive baskets are?  It's ridiculous really when you see the walls of baskets at Goodwill and other thrift stores. Unfortunately I never found one just the right size there, or I would have scooped it up.

Below is the final product, before I snipped the tag off.  I don't have a Minnie Pearl complex, I promise, however if you walked through my house right now you'd see lots of price tags dangling as I decide if I'll keep something or not.  That's the fun of redecorating and don't think I haven't realized that half of my errands are buying things and the other half are returning them.  I'm so productive!

This is the finished product, tucked away on the bottom of our little tower in the living room just waiting to be put to service again soon.  Don't you feel better knowing that our games have a home?

What about you all?  Do you have some things gathering that you need to go ahead make a permanent home somewhere?  Having like items together makes us feel more organized and it looks nicer too.  The great thing about finding a home for things is that sometimes you can just look around your home and find something that you already have.  I love it when I don't have to spend any money for a solution to an organizing problem.  

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deloann said...

...loved your basket!! keep refreshing to be able to pai9nt whenever you your blog....delo;o)

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