Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Luxury is Space in Your Closet

I'm at Starbuck's getting half-caffeinated and extremely sugared up with this Caramel Brule Latte and wanted to report on a new challenge for decluttering. Bonjour Madame mentioned to me after my last post that there was a 100 Things Challenge going around the blogworld in November. I almost passed it up because I missed it but decided that it's never too late!

After she mentioned it in my comments section, I was so inspired that we started cleaning out our closet right away. I don't need much coaxing to declutter! The items added up quickly at first and for a couple days was in a holding pattern at 70 things. I'm happy to report that we have gone beyond 100 things now and are ready to start over again.

Our to-go bags included everything from clothes, tupperware with lids that don't seal, makeup I don't use, etc. Yesterday I threw some things out of my gym makeup bag. An easy place to declutter was G's overnight bag. I think I'm the only one who cleans it out because there were many expired medicines in there. Maybe I cheated, but I counted things I threw in the trash that I had been keeping. My secret confession is that I have my old positive pregnancy tests, just because those two lines were so special. As soon as I get those two lines again, I will throw the old ones away, I promise!

I think that this challenge is like peeling back layers of an onion. At first you start pitching things that are easy to let go and then you have to go to the next level, which is harder and exposes more of your clutter tendencies. That next level doesn't mean that I'm done, it just means that some things may need more consideration. Would I get rid of more clothes if I knew someone in particular needed them? I definitely would. On my list to go through next, besides magazines (still), are books, a few more lipsticks and socks.

After going through all my things I feel so spoiled and even greedy with all those unopened presents under the tree. I have so much and I'm sure you all do as well. It's a reminder that I want to have a simplified life and exercises like this are necessary to accomplish that. It also helps to see some things we may already have and make some goals to abstain from purchases for awhile. I've already given a moratorium for a couple of years on all perfume purchases for gifts because I have so much.

Why don't you join me on your own 100 Things Challenge? You can do it over the holidays while you are off work and get in those end of year donations and tax deductions! Tell me what's in your to-go bag? Send me a link if you post it on your blog.

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Sarah said...

What a good challenge. I'm sure I have well over 100 things that I could get rid of. I'll let you know how it goes.

Fiona said...

I initiated this challenge in November (http://fifirose.blogspot.com/2009/11/100-things.html). It was so satisfying and I plan to do it again after Christmas when I have some time off, just as you suggested! Clothing is next on my list. You are so right with the layers description. I keep finding more to declutter now I have started. Good luck!

Cherie said...

I'm game. I intended to participate when Kristi at La Bella Figura posted it but I got side-tracked. Tomorrow, I'll begin and I know it won't be hard to find 100 things.

The Closet Therapist said...

Sarah, It's kind of fun counting them all up!

Fiona, Thanks for starting such a cool challenge! Obviously the blog world responded and it's still going. Oooh, clothing is one of the hardest things.

Cherie, Better late than never and a great way to refresh before adding all the new Christmas things in to the mix.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad it worked for you. I think I need to start on the next 100 after Christmas. It's very cathartic and like you said, gets you to thinking about our own clutter tendencies.

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