Monday, June 15, 2009

The Makeup Frenzy June 15-18 Mac Online 25% Off Friends & Family Sale

I love makeup. I love Mac. I know I write about minimalism and being simple on this blog, but when it comes to makeup I have a hard time restraining my excitement. Mac never goes on sale so to speak so this is a great opportunity to get some things that I've been waiting to buy.

You will need a code at checkout. It's SUMO. If your total comes to $60, then it's free shipping.

I find Mac very reasonably priced for a higher end line and it's so much fun to use. In the spirit of all things makeup, I want to pass along some makeup inpiration blogs and you-tubers.

My first you tube that I started watching is Lollipop26. I think I had a girl crush on her with her British accent and love for all things makeup. She recently did a little challenge which she called Project 10 Pan where she had to use up 10 things before buying anything new. You can see her videos on the subject. I'm always happy to use things up so I love a challenge like this!

I also like Makeup Geek for a little bit of everything. She has endless creativity with makeup and a really sweet spirit of teaching. If you want to play with colors, there are plenty of tutorials to see here.

One great thing about Mac is their recycling program. When you finish 6 products, you can return the empty container in for a free lipstick. If you have a freestanding store near you and not just a counter, you can exchange the empties in for lipstick, eye shadow or lip gloss. There are certain products that you can exchange which you can look up here.

If you need help picking out colors, there is a blog that swatches all the colors for you. She is a dear to do this service for us! It's especially helpful if you want to compare to colors that are similar. Visit Karlasugar here.

The sale actually isn't supposed to start until tomorrow but the code worked today so you can get a jump start on everyone else. Enjoy!


Amanda said...

Hey there...I really hope we can keep in touch! After reading some of your posts, I think we have a similar situation. I look forward to sharing more via e-mail. Our stuff from CR is scattered everywhere. Could you resend your e-mail again? Mine is amandacwallace at gmail dot com

Cheers! amanda

Simply Me said...

Hello There! I left you a comment on my blog and not really sure if you get the feedback from that or not - still learning wordpress.

I am a dark brunette (with gray - my husband says it is my blonde roots finally showing through - giggling) with dark brown eyes. I would looove if you could find the right shade of red for me! When I do find it, they stop making it. Boy do I hate that.

I have been reading through your blog and you are just precious! I love the name - The Closet Therapist.


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