Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wardrobe Basics: Turtlenecks

If you couldn't tell from my last post, I've been out shopping a lot the past month.  It all starts because my Nanny sends G & I money to buy our Christmas presents.  We are supposed to buy each other the presents, which we do, but this year I wanted to have some input into my surprises.  I got way too many things with birds on them last year.  

Yesterday I snatched up some turtlenecks that I really, really needed from Banana Republic. They were 40% off all sweaters in the store, and then an additional 25% with a coupon I have.  I don't even think you need the coupon if you use your Banana card.  It's 20% for BR cardmembers and 25% for Luxe members.  Yes, we spend a lot there and are Luxe members.  

Anyway, at first I balked at these sweaters because they are a blend and I hate blends.  I would not have paid full price.  Then I looked at a sweater I got there last year which is the same blend and it's wearing ok.  There is a little bit of pilling, but nothing major.  

I think all the stores are having their sales before Christmas this year because of the terrible economy.  Usually I would want to wait until after and hope for the really good prices, but people the really good prices are here!  If you want something, I think you better get it now because your size may not be available later.  

Here is the BR turtlenecks I got in grey, brown, black and purple and camel.  I may take a couple colors back but I wanted to try them on at home first.  Each one ended up being $26. The fabric is 55% silk, 15% viscose, 15% cotton, 10% extrafine merino wool, 5% cashmere.  

Banana Republic has free shipping on any item right now (Promo Code:  JOY) if you don't have a store near you. Always look at Retailmenot for any coupon codes that you can use.  Team that up with ebates and you'll get a percentage back in cash. (Say that I referred you-zennifer@mac.com) BR was 8% the last time I checked, which basically pays for the tax here.

I also checked out J.Crew turtlenecks in the store.  They are not a blend, but they are a bit thinner than I like.  These are also a great option though and on sale too.  If you go to the store, they might have all the colors.  Speaking of these colors, they are really juicy and tropical looking.  I bet they will brighten up a winter day and outfit.  

I am wearing my chocolate brown sweater right now and it is so comfy and warm.  I tend to go for a simple look and these make it so easy to have a pared down but still chic look.  Just add a couple necklaces  like in the J.Crew photo to add some personality.


La Belette Rouge said...

I am a turtleneck addict. I have probably 7 Jcrew turtles and more from BR, Gap, and other sources. I have to say that I was disappointed how the Jcrew quality of the merino this year went way down. I am going to see if I can find a merino turtle at Brooks Brothers in the after holiday sales. I am hoping their quality is better.

Anonymous said...

The chocolate brown sweater you posted looks really comfy and attractive too! I can almost feel its smooth fabric from here, mmmm

The Closet Therapist said...

Pastry Shoes, The chocolate brown one happens to be my favorite of all the colors! Your name has me curious and I'm going to visit your blog now!

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