Thursday, October 02, 2008

I Hate Shooties Dot Com

And I hate booties too. I know they are all the rage right now but I find them so ugly. Even on a supermodel with mile long legs, they are still an abomination in my eyes. The proportion is just all wrong on the body.  When something like this comes in trend, it makes me happy that trends don't last that long.

What are shooties?

As defined by Piperlime:

The Shootie:
1) Half boot, half shoe.
2) Trend of the moment.
3) Best paired with skinny jeans, tights or pencil skirts.

Some examples for your perusal:

From Nordstrom:
And a couple more from Piperlime:

I am willing to concede that I am probably getting old and that's why I don't get it.  Maybe it's because anything best paired with skinny jeans isn't going to work for me.  These things are true, but mostly I just think they are hideous.  

On a more positive note, I am excited about all the full sized boots being offered in many varieties this season.  I don't wear heels much so I'm always searching for low heeled boots that don't resemble something orthopedic.  I went to Nordstrom last week and I know that there will be some new boots in my future.  The ones below are from Piperlime.

The perfect boots for me would be ones that you can wear with jeans or a dress.  I love to wear boots with a dress or skirt and tights, but it takes a pretty feminine boot to pull that off.  I think the second and the fourth look above would go with skirts/dresses or jeans/dress pants.  

Is it wrong that I really like these?  Just looking at them makes me want to wear fake eyelashes and a miniskirt.

And for some reason they make me think of this song.  

Is this the inspiration for the 80's aerobic videos?  "You've been lyin' when you should be truthin"  Hmmmm.

Since we are talking about boots, I have a pair that I couldn't get rid of, circa 1992.  They are purple suede and I have a feeling that they are on the horizon of back in fashion.  Will I be daring enough to pull them off?  I'm going to say WWPD?  What would Penelope do?  I think she would.  

What's your take?  Will you be doing the shootie or the bootie this season? I won't judge you.  I promise.


La Belette Rouge said...

I got a pair of BR oxfords that have a bootie like feel and I love them. They are my first pair and I am not a bootie lover.

I had those white Mod go-go boots when I was a little girl.

The Closet Therapist said...

Belette-You had go-go boots! I'm so jealous! If I had a pair, I think I would have never taken them off. I would just wear my socks pulled up as high as they would go and wear them with my bikini. I'll have to post a picture because it's really funny. I have the type of Mom that let me wear whatever I want. I looked like an orphan most of the time, but I was certainly a free spirit.

I'll have to look up the BR booties, or maybe you can post a rebuttal with a pic proving how great they really are. I'm sure you pull it off in a hip and stylish way.

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