Friday, May 23, 2008

Free Gift with No Purchase

I usually never win anything.  When there are door prizes I don't even get the little thrill when they are calling out the numbers.  Maybe I have low expectations or maybe I prefer to be really surprised if I would win something.  Well I have won something and I was surprised!

To some it may sound insignificant, but to me it's a that thrill that you can only have when coupled with low expectations.            Jolie Nadine had a Clinique contest and I won the new Lash Power Mascara.  I just received the package from Clinique with a lovely handwritten note wishing me a summer of beautiful, clump-free lashes!  And they sent me a staple color-Black.

I feel so loved today!  We are heading to South Padre Island and Mexico this weekend for Memorial Day.  I hope your weekend is blessed with an unexpected surprise too!

If you don't know who Jolie Nadine is, she is a very funny cosmetics writer.  She wrote this book which I recommend for an amusing afternoon at the beach.  Only certain people can endlessly read about cosmetics and I am one of them.  

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