Monday, March 24, 2008

Stylish Little Girls, Frogs and Paris

As they say, something is definitely in the water here in Houston. We have seven friends who are currently expecting and three more who have newborns. With all the baby showers and looking for gifts, I can't help but be seduced by all things related to sweet baby things. Recently I have discovered a decorating blog called The Inspired Room.  Today she has a post about decorating children's rooms and as always she has some really great advice.  

It seems that a child's room tends to have a theme, whatever may be popular at Babies R Us, but with some creativity and inspiration she shows how you can make the room magical and stylish without a theme.  Maybe you like frogs, but that doesn't mean you have to buy a frog lamp, bedspread and all matching accessories.  She says just one frog can make an impact too. 

And why not consider decorating so you can transition their room through the years instead of the decor being disposable.  How long will frogs be cool?  (More importantly, won't you be tired of them before the child is old enough to even voice their opinion?)  That is just smart advice, financially and esthetically.  Also, go read what she has to say about how their room develops their sense of style from a young age.  

Speaking of babies, I found another site that you might enjoy.  There are four women who share their experiences with birth and babies in four different countries.  They also give pregnancy fashion advice and products they can't live without.  Go see Babyccino.  Todays post is about Paris and who can resist that?


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Thanks for the mention! Glad you found it inspirational! I had fun putting the post together (I have two girls myself, but they are teenagers now).

I read through some of your other posts and they were great! GO FOR IT on your dreams, girl! I did that too, with The Inspired Room! I think not working sounds DIVINELY dreamy, I will admit, but I also love to be an entrepreneur. I still had to keep my part time job (you are fortunate to not have to be distracted by something else) while starting my business, but while it has been stressful on the schedule, it is worth it.

Good luck, I hope all your Closet Therapist dreams come true (I have a good friend who calls herself the Color Therapist!!)!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for liking our site, and for telling all your readers about us!
xoxo from London,

The Closet Therapist said...

Melissa-It was so kind of you to come and visit! Thank you for the sweet words and voice of experience. I'll "see" you later either at my salon or your salon.

Courtney-It is my pleasure to recommend your site. I love the real life experiences you are recounting to Moms. I am not yet a Mother but when I am I'll be going deep into the archives I'm sure! One day we may be going international too so I am especially interested in that aspect of your site. Of course Europeans always seem more chic anyway in everything they do!

Anonymous said...

Oh please... Maybe Paris is chic, but Amsterdam? After a bicycle ride in the rain? Not really!
Thanks for the mention!
xxx Esther

The Closet Therapist said...

Esther-We know you all walk around in wooden shoes, windmills in the distant background as you sing songs about tulips with braids swinging to and fro...

Just that you can ride your bicycle somewhere and not get run over is impressive to me. Doing that in Houston is a deathwish!

It was my pleasure to mention your sweet site!

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