Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No Shame in Shoes

While I was out Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago I spotted a woman (woman sounds so old-I wanted to write girl) wearing the cutest pair of shoes. First of all, know that this is Houston and we have summer-like weather in the winter so yes these are sandalesque type of shoes in a summereque color. Styles are a bit seasonless here, but I couldn't take my eyes off of her shoes, mesmerized as I was. I had to pull my focus back to the task at hand, ahem...driving and stop looking.

I decided it was now or never and I had to know whose shoes they were, well besides her shoes. Now you may not realize, but rolling down my window is always a risk since the time I rolled it down and it didn't go back up. I was kind of rolling so I couldn't just stop and open the door to yell at her. I made a snap decision and down the window shimmied slowly. "Hey! I LOVE those shoes!!!" She looked over and smiled at me with a genuine look that she was pleased to be noticed. After that I figured all appropriateness was out the window, so to speak, so I kept going. "What brand are they?" She takes off her shoe in the parking lot to see who made them. "Franco Sarto." Uh-huh. Well I needed to know where she bought them too. At this point, there were no horns blaring so I'm not sure if someone was behind me or not, but the final question was "Where did you get them?" Ah, Nordstrom, the beautiful shoe department at Nordstrom. Knowledge attained.

The window did go back up, thankfully and I believe I made two people's day, mine and hers. If I may note, I think she strutted away so confident that her shoes inspired such frenzy from me on a sunny, bustling pre-Christmas afternoon. When I returned home I promptly looked up Nordstrom, but they were not there. Never to be deterred from the search for a shoe with the impossible combination of style and comfort, I visited Zappos and was not disappointed. How lucky am I that they have my size and the same fire red-orange color she wore. Is it just me, or does Zappos always say "only three left in your size!" to make you feel even more grateful and extremely reluctant to walk away.

P.S. When I went to see if they were still on Zappos for you to see, it still said "only three left" in my size. Hmmmpphh.


La Belette Rouge said...

Love that story!! You are a woman worthy of red-hot orange shoes. What provenance those shoes have. I cannot wait for someone to ask you about them. And,then the story will continue....

And, very Happy New Years, Closet Therapist. I wish you a well ordered and happy closet---or whatever will satisfy your closet longings :-)

The Closet Therapist said...


I'm embarrassed to admit I had to look up the word provenance, but I'm so happy I did. Thank you for introducing me to such a splendid word. I will use it wisely. Gosh, I love a new word in my quiver. :)

For others who want to know, here it is:

Provenance is the origin or source from which something comes, and the history of subsequent owners (also known in some fields as chain of custody). (From wikipedia)

La Belette Rouge said...

No reason for embarressment. I love the word,too. It is often used in relation to art and antiques. However, I think most things in our closet have a story. The stories are rarely as good as this one. :-)

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