Saturday, January 05, 2008

Baby Perfume

Did you know that babies in other countries wear perfume? If this is common practice in the US, I had never heard of it except seeing that Bulgari and some other high end brands have a supposedly baby perfume. It was a few years ago that I learned from someone that in Spain mothers use this lavender scented perfume to splash on their children, even boys. Well as much as I love perfume a full on investigation was in order. Two years ago we did a whirlwind European vacation for three weeks and it was finally my opportunity to find this baby potion, among many other things on my list. While I was there I meticulously hunted down many European toiletries, one of which was Nenuco from Spain. In my husband's backpack I loaded four large bottles of this baby fragrance, two for gifts. The smell is so clean and fresh that I use it on myself but it is definitely supposed to be for babies. One smells of lavender and the other has a lemon scent. I use mine after a bath and my husband always tells me I smell so sweet.

When we went to Puerto Rico this past Thanksgiving I noticed my sister in law using another type on her baby. It's called Para mi bebe and it smelled of violets. Already I have a hard time resisting perfume, but with this precious little bottle and the very idea of this sweet baby smelling even better, I knew I had to find some. I managed to look in every pharmacy or shop that we were near, quickly and sneakily mind you, and finally I was successful. My husband saw me coming with six bottles of this stuff because we have lots of baby showers coming up. I don't know if these American mothers will fully grasp putting baby perfume on their little bundles, but I couldn't resist including this into my baby gift to them.


MDmom said...

i had heard about europeans using baby perfume (and now add puerto ricans to that list), and some shops here sell it too, but i cannot imagine anything to have been sweeter than the natural scent of my babies. actually, the natural scents of mothers and babies helps each identify the other -- it's called "imprinting," and it's a very powerful biological response. i would just snuggle up with their tiny fuzzy heads tucked up under my nose and could (and did!) sit like that for hours just inhaling that wonderful baby smell!

Melissa said...

how funny! i'm sure "moms using baby scents" will be a new trend on magazine beauty pages one day...

fifi said...

I love baby colognes. Babies also need to be perfumed, and that does not have to do with nature smell etc. We can apply that to adults too, what can we do without soaps, deodorants, splash colognes, perfumes, etc.
My mother was using baby colognes and I am using them too. I do use them my self too.
I am so happy to find that sells them all, specially DENENES i am telling all my friends, co workers etc

closettherapist said...

Fifi-I hadn't heard of Denenes but you can be sure I'll be looking it up in future travels to Spain! You know that even though some people don't put perfume on their babies, the products like baby shampoo do have the baby scent so what's the diff really?

fifi said...

I do buy them from Spain when I go or from
They do offer coupons! The Denenes, Nenuco and blue splash PMB are my favorites.
I don't know why some people still see the idea of baby colognes as a weird idea?You are right, then they use the shampoo with baby scent???? when they want to reserve their babies smell???
I don't know what I would do without them. My kids love them too! The other day my daughter's teacher asked me about the great smell of my daughter and I told her.

Online Perfume Shop said...
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