Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

I'm sending out a little financial warning for those of you who get sucked into marketing traps like me. Ah, but I am smarter this year! Forewarned is forearmed. It is a battle out there, a battle for your money. Be choosy about who you give it to, or might I suggest saving some of it?

Beware of the COUPON. This little harmless and apparently fruitful incentive to get you into a shop can be a big pitfall in holiday spending and all year round. Oh, I've been sucked in too many times. I'm thinking of Bath and Body Works with their buy one get one free. If you are like me, it's very difficult to throw something away that is free. But it isn't free. If you need to stock up, then great, but I don't even care for their items that much. This is how I know that this marketing works. I feel perfectly fine to go buy a lotion for $11.00 so I can get something for free. Ladies, maybe you like the smell, but there is nothing special about this overpriced soap and lotion. It's standard drugstore fare ingredients which is why they can afford to give you something free when you buy an item. So, not just to pick on this store, I'm saying beware of all the 10%, 20% coupons that take you into a store where you don't already need or use something. Open the lid to the trash can and THROW IT AWAY. Save your money for what you really want. Those dollars add up.

Number two is beware of the FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE. Oh a couple of months ago I was salivating for the Nordstrom makeup bag and sample giveaway. I was inventing things to purchase to add up to $100 so I could get that. These free gifts hynotize us! We get the swirly circles in our eyes and can only focus on buy, buy, buy. Nevermind that most of the samples we won't even like or use. There is always justification when you are getting a free gift. Oh, ladies I know how hard it is to resist, but DO RESIST sometimes. Allow yourselves to receive the the goodie bag sometimes, but not everytime. It's not worth it to wreck your budget. And by all means, if you don't like something you get at any store, take it back. It feels a little embarrasing, but you'll all get over it.

I've gradually been hunting products that are just as nice at the drugstore. I'm not generally a fan of most items because I feel they don't compare in quality. However over time I am proud to say that I no longer buy department store mascara. I love Voluminous or Lash Exact mascara just as much as the pricier brands. I've also discovered that I adore a certain Cover Girl foundation more than Laura Mercier, Giorgio Armani or any of them. And it has spf 25. I'm still working on skin care.

Go, shop, and be smart and creative with your purchases especially this time of year when every store wants your money. Look at that FREE something for what it really is, a shiny, perfumed worm just luring you to bite.

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