Monday, October 15, 2007

Wedding Pictures

Here are just a few pictures from our wedding day. After the wedding in South Carolina and the honeymoon in San Francisco, we came back to Texas and the following week closed on our house. The house is springing to life with every box that is unpacked. Fall is finally arriving in Texas and I couldn't be happier for the cooler weather. Unpacking the wedding gifts has been especially fun. I have to say that my red Kitchen Aid mixer had me jumping up and down. I just want to use it all the time. The other day I made brownies but never got around to cooking them. Did you know if you just leave the batter in the frig it tastes like fudge? Sad, I know, but my sweetie left me for two weeks to go to work in Wyoming. Sometimes a lonely girl needs chocolate eaten with a wooden spoon while watching mindless tv. Got the picture? Yeah, I'm also getting back to the gym because the pounds are creeping on. We are going to Puerto Rico to visit Gustavo's family for Thanksgiving. Putting on a bikini in the midst of feasting on pumpkin pie and turkey just isn't natural, but I will endure!


Allie said...

What a whirlwind couple of weeks for you!

And I adore the pictures! So cute and you looked utterly gorgeous!

closettherapist said...

Blush! Thank you Allie!

Anonymous said...

Love the top pix Pipes! Any where I can view them all yet?

Anonymous said...

Oops, that would be from me, Renee!

WendyB said...


Leigh said...

your pictures are so beautiful!!!

Leigh :)


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