Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Honeymoon Touring Shoes

Me in San Fran! ***

I found my impossible dream--comfortable and cute shoes. I had been looking for some shoes to wear on my honeymoon. We went to San Francisco and walked up and down those hills all week and these shoes were fabulous. They went with all my clothes even though they are pink. In a pinch I think I can even wear them with a casual skirt.

I'm so over trying to teeter around in heels just for fashion's sake. I find it so embarrassing to see women who wear heels that aren't comfortable and who appear to be in pain. Their bodies are jutted forward to balance themselves. When I wear shoes that are uncomfortable just because they fashionable there isn't enough of a payoff for me.

I know some women who prefer heels and I'm a little jealous that they find them so comfy. For me, heels give me an instant headache because it knocks me off balance so much. I used to be able to walk a mile in 4 inch heels but those days are over. I go through the shoe department now and admire the high heels more like art in a museum. I can't have them in my home, but I still love the way they look.

If you are like me and are constantly on the search for feminine and graceful shoes that aren't high heels, I am your ally. These Puma's are wonderful and come in three colors. They are especially great for traveling because they can pass as dressy or at least fashionable with pants or a skirt.

If you haven't discovered Naturalizer yet, give them a look also. They have beautiful and stylish shoes that come in a range of heel sizes.


Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

Oooh, those ARE cute!

Genuine Lustre said...

Very cute! I have a similar pair - fuschia suede mary janes from Land's End. They get many compliments.

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