Sunday, July 15, 2007

Life's Too Short to Wait

Friday I gave my two weeks notice to my current project. I have been dreaming of this for a long time. First I had to pay off all my debts. Then I had to have some savings for my peace of mind. Then I had to have enough time to do the final stage of wedding details before the wedding.

At first it was exhilirating knowing that my time and energy wasn't going to revolve around my work schedule. I hadn't shared my little secret with anyone at work for etiquette foremost, but also not wanting any unsolicited opinions about my decision. Friday afternoon I was outted by my boss in a casual way within a group of my colleagues. They thought he was kidding until my face proved he was telling the truth. I know they were shocked because that is how I have felt many times when my colleagues leave. But this shock also had an aftershock. Mona said, "So where are you going to be working?". I reluctantly admitted "Nowhere.". She screeched in a high pitched voice, "You're going to be a housewife?". Housewife, me? Um, I guess so, for awhile. Or as Judy pointed out, a House Fiance.

Now that the cat's out of the bag. I can say that I will begin doing my true calling/career. As The Closet Therapist, I am beginning to take clients. My mission is to help you become efficient in your own lives. Achieving goals requires developing processes to make some parts of life more simple so you can focus on the important parts. Also, my goal for my clients is to have peace in their closet, peace in their home, and peace within themselves. Peace to me is knowing my options, making a decision, and then moving forward. I have always loved to clean out closets and declutter homes. Writing about it on this blog has opened up my heart and directed me to this decision even further. Being The Closet Therapist is an art in psychology more than anything else. I want to help you see how you are holding yourself back and then enable you to help yourself achieve your true calling too.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

54 Days

This is one of our engagement pictures we recently had taken. The wedding planning is progressing a little every day. Planning to be a Bride is overwhelming, exciting and certainly called a rite of passage for a reason. I have so many experiences I want to share here, but not a lot of time at the moment. That is about to change because I will have more time very soon!

Our Trip to Rosemary Beach, Florida

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