Saturday, May 19, 2007

Update on Forth & Towne

After I wrote about Forth & Towne's lovely website, you all informed me that they are closing in June. So strangely enough I became all the more enticed to visit this store. I instantly made friends with Kirk, a friendly and helpful salesman that offered me many suggestions as well as keeping Gustavo entertained while he waited. He enthusiastically chose items for me and brought them to me in my size. Sometimes we didn't agree about what looked good on me. I said that I didn't like me in black, he disagreed. I still don't like myself in black but it still was altogether a pleasant experience.

I ended up buying a caramel shirt dress with a tie at the waist and the plaid raincoat that day. The next time I went in they were having a sale. I bought the blue jean shirt dress, some tank tops of various bright colors, jewelry & a few shirts. I said in my previous post that the materials were not that great, but the items I purchased had very nice fabric. So far I am wearing and loving them as well as getting compliments because the style is so unique. I also said that some items lack the finishing touches kind of like two buttons that fell off of the blue jean blazer I purchased. Sewing a button back on would have bothered me more if I had paid the original $98 for this jacket.

When I returned for the sale, the clothes I previously purchased had been marked down! Now listen up! Within 14 days most stores will adjust the price you paid if you take your receipt back to them. So literally, they have given me back about $100. That is my kind of shopping, thank you!

Curious George that I am, I wondered how the going out of business proclamation was going to affect the secondary market, aka ebay. There was one seller already selling items from the distributor. I found a jacket from their holiday collection that is a darling swing model, bought it for $14.99 in a size 16, then promptly took it to my tailor to have it resized. My tailor and I are still working to perfect it so I don't look like the Michelin Man.

I will be visiting Forth and Towne again, especially since everything will continued to be marked down. I am being very careful not to buy clothes just because they are on sale. I have bought some things in the frenzy, and took them back. Ladies, don't be afraid to take stuff back that you aren't going to wear. Why waste your money and take up space in your home?

Next weekend I'll be flying to NC for a wedding shower and I've selected an outfit there that is not yet on sale. I normally would have got it at full price, but I'm going to take my chances that it is going to be marked down soon. Risky, I know.

Speaking of the wedding, it is so much work!! I feel like I am just starting to get back in control of my life. Since the engagement, it has been a whirlwind of emotions, activity, decisions, reading and errands. Since I just started a new work project a month ago, I haven't had a lot of time to write here. There are so many things I want to write and I hope to be posting again soon.


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