Sunday, March 25, 2007

Forth and Towne

We are fortunate enough to have two of these stores in Houston. Forth and Towne is a new concept store owned by Gap. There are four different lines of clothes, each with a distinct personality. It's a fun idea and the customer service is a step above most stores. The dressing rooms are in the middle of the store and full of bright, trendy colors. In there you will find the salespeople in there giving feedback on clothes or adding a necklace to go with a dress. It is a great concept.

Having said that, I'm actually writing this to tell you about the website because it is full of great fashion layouts for new outfit inspiration. They don't have online shopping yet, but don't worry because you don't need to buy their clothes. Just use the formulas they set out for you online. It's also fun to see what personality you express through your clothes. I always love a personality test!

Forth and Towne

I did buy some things there before Christmas. I was impressed with the colors and styles, but the clothing lacks the finishing touches that make it great quality. For example I bought a few lightweight sweaters in fantastic colors, but they are a wool blend and wrinkle terribly. Why is everyone doing a wool blend now? I have a Banana Republic 100% merino wool sweater that is 6 years old and looks like the day I bought it. All these wool/spandex, nylon, acrylic, whatnot blends--pooh on them because they don't hold up to washing or wearing. Another item that I bought was a velvet blazer. The outside is fine, but the inside lining is probaby a polyester, supposed to look like silk, and is wearing out after only a few months. Those are the finishing touches I am talking about. Even though the prices are medium range, I would rather buy a quality fabric that is not going to wear out after one season. Even Old Navy clothes have lasted me longer. Go figure.

But don't just go by my little review. I find they have a very unique selection of clothing and in beautiful colors. If you have a store in your town, drop by and have a look. But either way, enjoy the website. Use their outfits as a paint by number sort of model and fill in your own pieces.


Anonymous said...

Like your review of their stuff... I was sad to hear the line is closing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all of the stores will be closed by early summer. They will receive all of the new clothes and they will probably have a great sale in a few months. They are no longer doing the "club" points. They will probably stop taking returns pretty soon too. I agree about the quality of the sweaters. The same goes for my sweaters from Banana Republic too - they pilled horribly after one wear. My old BR sweaters are much better quality.

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