Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spring 2007 Color Report

Heavens to Betsy, I'm in love! The Pantone fashion color report for Spring 2007 shows a beautiful display of midtone colors. I so excited that I may finally get something yellow in my wardrobe. I adore the grapemist too, looks like periwinkle. Browse through the download on the site and have a gander of what's to come.

Remember that this chart pretty universally dictates what colors will be available for you and me when we go shopping. If you love these colors, save up and buy some investment pieces in your colors. If they are not your colors, take the opportunity to shop your closet and wait patiently until your colors come back in vogue again.

If you like a color, but it doesn't like you, there are fun ways to combine so you can get away with it. Try pairing a color that washes you out with a color that doesn't. Or you can keep the color as an accessory away from your face. Oh, just have fun, but don't feel obligated to buy anything if it isn't flattering. There are always consignment shops.

The most important thing is although colors can be trendy, if it is YOUR color it is always stylish for you. The trick is to buy a classic cut in your colors so they will last you many years. Think cashmere sweater, purse, coat, scarf, or suit. Even neutral colors come in and out of style. Black is always around, but navy, chocolate, british tan, etc come and go, so if you want a suit in these neutrals you have to scoop them up when they are in style.

If you already have your base wardrobe, you can update your look with a few tops in these colors or fun jewelry. I love the look of a basic suit with a ruffle front chiffon blouse and coordinating purse & jewelry.

Yellow!! I'm so happy!


Gina said...

I know you are very busy, but I am happy to see two posts so close together! I hope this is a trend. (I come via French Chic)

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Gina have a very good perspective...I'm always thrilled when you write something new!

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