Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Easy Button

Do you know that commercial where you can press the easy button, and everything just magically gives you what you need. It's an office supply store, but I love that idea for all the obvious reasons, like having what I want immediately. But also because it would be nice sometimes for someone to actually tell me what I need. Instead of doing loads of research on any specific item, I could press a button, and voila, this is the blazer you've been hunting.

Working long hours has put me into a whole new mindset with regards to ease in certain habits. I find myself dreaming of neat little rows of bras, underwear and socks, in only 2 colors, black and nude. This is something actually quite groundbreaking for me because I don't buy anything repeatedly. I'm always looking for something just a little better, more suited for me, or newer.

I dig through my sock drawer at 4 something every morning, trying to find the right color socks. I usually don't by the way. As I cross my legs on the bus, I'm slightly embarrassed that my socks are faded or don't match at all. There is a stark contrast with black socks and brown suede. It's really the equivalent of grinding teeth, visually. If this were someone else on the bus, my delicate visual sensibility would definitely be affected! When I look down, I have to just close my eyes. :)

So tout de suite a solution to this situation is coming. My project for the weekend is to clean out, organize and decide. The deciding factor is the part of the easy button I wish for the most. There is no trying on, matching, or shopping. Alas, it must be done. It has come a time in my life where I have to create my own easy button. It looks like this:

Decide what brand and style works best for me. For bras, I already know that Chantelle are the best for my body. Socks from Ann Taylor, Banana Republic last longer than the cheaper ones. It really is worth the extra money. I haven't decided on the underwear, but I bought a few from Nordstrom this summer. They were Donna Karan and Felina. Hanky Panky and Cosabella seem to have the editor's heart of many magazines, but I'm not sure I believe them. I haven't been willing to pass over the $18.00 plus tax to find out. I got fitted at Nordstrom for a bra and I really recommend it so you can know what size you really are. See for lots of great bra recommendations.

Decide what colors. I find that black and nude can work for everything. They do ring an alarm on my boring radar, but for simplicity sake, let that be the base colors. Adding a third, wild color can't do any harm, but for me I'll make these two the majority.

Decide how many. Since I handwash my lovelies, fewer is better. This also enables me to buy better quality. So how many is enough. I think 10-12 underwear, 10-12 socks in black, brown, nude & pattern (argyle), and 4 bras. The bras are a personal preference depending on your needs. I need a strapless nude, black t-shirt bra, nude t-shirt bra, and a lace basic bra. Actually, I have more than that, but after this weekend that may not be the case. I have heard the word "greige", but never actually in advertising a desirable color in brassiers.

Which leads me to, maintaining them. Let's you and me remember that when you trade your hard earned money for these delicate beauties, we must take care of them. Love them, treat them well. Wash them by hand after every wearing if you can. They dry overnight. Taking care of your things takes time, but it creates an appreciation for what you have. It is taking time for you when you take care of your lingerie. This is something basic that can be a ritual. Rituals give connections through your day. Trust me, it is comforting.

I plan to order some things from, especially for their stain remover. They also have a lingerie wash. Nordstrom has a couple of choices. Or you can use baby shampoo. I know that it is done, but I don't know what the actual, ahem, "professionals" opine on using baby shampoo on your delicates. I can assure you that it IS better than throwing them in the washer, so don't fret about it. Those others are quite pricey and if you can't afford them, I'll bet baby shampoo works fine. They also have lavendar scented.

Put them in the sink in cold water. Swish around a few times, leave a few minutes. Empty sink. Rinse with fresh water. Gently squeeze, don't wring, out excess water. Hang to dry. I shape mine over the shower head.

Bonne chance!

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