Sunday, November 19, 2006

Home From The Range

I haven't written for awhile because I have been recovering from my move back to Houston. I was expecting to winter in Wyoming, but my company sent me back to Houston to work on another project. Can I just say that I adored Wyoming! It is a special place, so beautiful, quiet and serene. Coming back to Houston was a bit of a heartbreak. Although when I left Houston I loved it, when I returned I found her a little overdone, loud and much too busy. She wears too many strip malls and focuses on all the wrong things. I felt sad to leave the little pocket of peaceful paradise, even though I was happy to come back to my boyfriend and friends.

But, bygones are bygones! When I returned, I found out that I'd be working in downtown Houston, which is like another planet (and just as far) for a little Suburbanite like myself. Officially, I am a commuter taking the bus to work. It's very Big City and it's so different that it's fun too. I like that I can read an extra two hours a day. And when I get to work, it's only tall buildings, coffee runs and work.

Which brings me to my next subject, coffee. For all those who may have been offended by my Starbuck's post, I must say that I now understand you. It's something to look forward to during the day. It's a little bit of pampering and a break from work. It is a welcome jolt of caffeination for the body that really needed that sleep. Yes, I understand you now!!! I confess to a morning Starbuck's every day, mostly because I am leaving the house before 6:00 am and don't need coffee until about 8:00 am, but also because it's just something nice. I order a drink not on the menu that is very reasonably priced (considering it's Starbuck's), and it's called a Misto. It's half coffee and half steamed milk, $2.00 if you bring your own cup.

Besides the coffee, here's what I LOVE about downtown Houston, the fashion! These girls aren't playing around! There are two little used-to-be-overstuffed chairs in the lobby at Starbuck's and sitting there is like a little fashion show before my eyes. Also, there is the display of girls who should be on the back page of Glamour magazine with their eyes barred out for anonyminity. But, I just let them pass by with only a subtle acknowledgement to myself to make sure my pants aren't too short for my shoes.

I have made a few notes of many easy looks that are just smashing!

First Look:
This is a beautiful lady that sat across from me on the bus: Brown wool pants with pinstripe, cashmere orange cardigan over shirt (I couldn't see the shirt), MATCHING orange cashmere scarf, Black pea coat in light raincoatish material, large fishnet stockings, patent t-bar high heel shoes with chunky heel. As I looked at her, I was wondering how this outfit worked on her and on me it may look a little too country club. Well, it was her fabulous, funky haircut. She was also wearing a very subtle makeup with a pretty glossy lipstick. The details that made the outfit work and really showed her creative personality were her haircut, the fishnets, the obviously top quality patent brownish shoes, and the matching sweater and scarf that screamed quality and personality. As I exited the bus, I told her how much I loved her outfit!! I hope it made her day.

Second Look:
There are two girls that come together to Starbucks, both with beautiful long curly hair. They are both so well groomed and dresssed that I always notice them. On inspection, I see that it is the small details that give these girls their presence. The one with the black hair wears a particular outfit that I like. It's a black turtleneck, a little blousy with ribbed band around the waist, cream colored wide legged pants with a cuff, black boots, and a long delicate gold necklace that goes to the waist. The look of white on the bottom is very new, and much better than black on bottom and white on top.

Third Look:
The other girl with long curly hair always looks great. This past week she wore a very fitted multi-color jacket, cropped black pants with a cuff, and stacked heel black boots. I went straight over to her to inquire where this jacket had come from! Target! She said she got it two years ago (bummer) and when she got it two co-workers followed suit. Obviously a trendsetter, that one.

I love to spot the great fashionistas among us! I only wish I could take their picture. I'll be happy to report any treasures that I can share here. It's great inspiration and I'm currently looking for one of those long, delicate twisty necklaces. Sometimes it just takes the accessories and a great haircut to elevate your basic pieces to very stylish and of the moment.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I am thankful for this Blog and for ALL OF YOU reading it!


Gina said...

I don't recall the Starbucks post, although I am a new reader, so I might have to deig into the archives. At any rate, just today, I decided that I had to stop my Starbucks addiction. $3.35 each day is not bad when you use their little debit card -- until the credit card bill comes in!

Thank you for sharing your fashion sightings.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this great post! I love reading things like this.....and to read what really makes a look or an outfit :)

I too go to starbucks regularly and love the break in my day it provides. I was even there on Christmas Day and was amazed by a family who was there, having a grand ol' time, dressed UP and looking amazing at 11 AM! They may have been there passing the time (they were from out of state) but they looked so polished and groomed that I was caught staring more than once!

I still remember them - two months later!

*sigh* it's fun to observe the world, isn't it?

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