Monday, October 02, 2006

The Then What

Coming to Wyoming has been quite an experience so far. As in every new situation, I am learning so much about myself and pushing myself in new ways. Since I normally write about style and life, I've been thinking along those lines wondering what would inspire me here.

My main focus here is to work, and being in a city that is going to be very cold very soon, I am not very interested in building an Alpine wardrobe. After all, I will return to Houston next year. So being in a new city where I won't be working on my wardrobe has got me thinking about the "then what". What else is on the menu?

I've been thinking about our society and culture in general. How much of our lives are spent trying to obtain a perfect wardrobe or perfectly decorated home only to find that the fashion wind blew and now you're out of date. It is an endless cycle, a chasing after the fashion wind. This is the nature of fashion, so our goal isn't to change it, but to change our perspective of it. We take what we want from it and move on to more important things in our life. It serves us. We choose how we take from the neverending array of choices and put it into our style.

The process of building a great wardrobe never ends, but that doesn't mean that you have to be constantly obssessing about it.

The problem with these goals is that they are a standard that keeps moving, and we may never attain them because of that. Sometimes people don't want to think of beyond these goals because that would take too much effort. I'm sure you noticed that most people would rather buy a pill to lose weight, rather than actually exercise. Well that's an easy one. How about it's easier to complain about your job or your significant other than actually do the work it takes to make those improve.

I think we spend too much time on these big ticket goals, and don't get around enough to the after. Many women don't think their life should begin until they lose weight, until they get married, until they have their house redecorated, or even find the perfect concealer. Let's get on to the after part. If you are waiting for all of your life to be perfect to begin your "then what", I would encourage you to at least contemplate what you would like to do then. Why not?

I spent most of my college years checking off the days on the calendar, then I got to work and spent my time waiting for the weekend. This is no way to live! Carpe diem is easier said than done though. It's much easier to buy our way or eat our way to living. It takes so much work to dig deep and see what our real potential in the world can be. Each of us is so unique and has so much to offer one another and ourselves. I am proposing that we get to the "then what" right now. Let's look
beyond money, possessions, clothes and houses and get to the heart of life. God, relationships, self discovery, and hobbies can bring us real satisfaction and peace.

Having said that, a simplified wardrobe can also bring you peace. It's a different kind of peace and maybe we should call it ease. Deciding what works for you will help you in your "then what" activities. Remember that clothes are supposed to work for you, not you for them. What good is a $500 purse going to do you next year when it is out of style (trend) if your goal is to be in style? Remember that style is not the trends, style is a reflection of you.

Let's move forward to the "then what" in our lives. What is holding you back from taking the next step towards your dream? When you make those excuses in your head, write them down and see if you can work through them. My theory is when you need an excuse, ANY excuse will do! Don't wish your life away. Today is your life.

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